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I just fought 5 dinos


Yep… started ok. I was 2-0 up in no time. Thought it was going to be a breeze until the 3rd dino (Indominus) came out. I changed to Tragodistis. Swatted him and the opponent immediately changed to stegodeus. Swatted him as well and the opponent replaced it with a stegoceratops. That makes 5 and it just kept changing and changing. Luckily they didn’t come out again fully recharged. So I just kept swatting them until it was stegodeus with a very low health and I finished him off. Easy battle? Think again.
Well at least I just wasted like 5 minutes of my life for nothing. Would have been worse if I lost…


Lol I just fought someone who swapped out 3 Indominus Rexes. I thought I was trippin. Still beat them with a Monomimus. There name does not show up on my recent opponent list. I got no incubator or trophies for the battle. Wtf


Yep, my opponent’s name didn’t show up either but at the very least I think we should get our incubators but no…