I just found both tany and sarco today as a event?Wut?



That’s the new update for the DoDs. For 48 hours we can get either of two dinos that appear (in this case Tany and Sarcho). After that will be the next pair and the next up to the last dino which will be 24 hours. Depending on the dino’s rarity determines attempts. Since Tany and Sarcho are Common, normally it would be 12 attempts; but now they’re being released together which means we have 24 attempts to utilize as we please.


This means you can catch additional 24 Tany in 48 hrs, and just ignore those Sarco.


Do you see sarco in some green point and tany in other points? I searched my precious tany all over two cities but I still found only sarco … :sob: maybe today I’ll shoot one sarco, crossing my fingers that sooner or later my shy tany will pop out :sweat_smile:


I got 2 event point around me, one spawns Sarco, another spawns Tany.
Maybe you need to search more event points.


This is awesome. These commons are good for leveling. Can’t wait till later this week.


Here, I’ve got only sarco


Sarco is garbage not even worth the darts tiny is somewhat useable