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I just got 110 on a fuse


As the title says, I just hit 110 on a single fuse for Nodopatosaurus. Has this happened to anyone else? I only lost one fuses worth of DNA so it didnt double me up.

Happy recipient of a beneficial glitch.


You didn’t happen to screenshot it, did you?


80 is highest for me


No it was fast. Also on my Samsung it takes like 2-3 seconds of holding the buttons for the screenshot to occur


Ok, understandable. I’m glad it was a 110 DNA fusion instead of a -50 one

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Yeah me too. I thought for sure at first it was just a visual glitch but my DNA went from 56 to 166.

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Didn’t even know that was possible… Got two or three 90 and one 100 in my life.


My highest is 100 which, funny enough was also on my nodopatasaurus


I got a 100 on thor today but was so shocked I didn’t screenshot it in time :joy:


Got 100 twice i tough that was the max dna possible to create lol we learn every day it seems


90 max on utasinoraptor


Yeah I was so surprised today I just hit 90 on nodopatosaurus as well lol


The maximum you can hit from one fuse is 100.

Fuses higher than 100 can be displayed sometimes when the game makes a double fuse. Only a video with amount before and amount after restarted the game would prove something else. That would be interesting.


It was no double fuse. Only had enough dna for one fuse.


I had a glorious 90 my first time fusing for my Rubber Murder Chicken.

I seriously always rack up 10s all day long. Was pretty stoked.


There could be multiple explanations like a wrong display client side (just like trophies amount sometimes), server trying to correct amount. There are reports to negative amounts of DNA awarded…but that doesn’t mean the DNA was taken back :sweat_smile:

My point is based on observations made by Metahub (concluding to 100 the rarest one and the maximum) and by my own research with thousands of data tracked (and by thousands I really mean thousands, for example I have all the fuses recorded to level up my stegod to 30 and it’s way more than a thousand fuses. And I hit 100 like once ?).
I’m open to any evidence that would show us we are wrong to assume that but without proof I just can’t believe we are all wrong (I never see a report from my team showing otherwise and trust me we did more than a few thousands fuses).
But if you happen to show something I would welcome this breakthrough :wink:

Good luck with your next fuses !

  1. Can’t remember which Dino.
    Just did six 10 fuses in a row on Utahsino though, such a disappointment