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I just got Light Fury/Me!

So, I’m pretty sure I might be the first one to actually obtain me. A few of things to note. Yes, I did spend a ridiculous number of runes to get her. How many, you ask? I have no idea. I wasn’t really counting anyway. The TapJoy offers helped, especially during the 1.5x rune weekends. Do I regret it? No. Is she worth it? IDK. For me personally, she is (for somewhat obvious reasons). For you, well, it’s up to you to decide, isn’t it?

Once you get to 1000 Trust Points, that slot turns into the unlocked Light Fury baby, and a new slot is taken, with the Trust Point meter starting at 0 plus whatever excess you got in that last fight. If you have any other questions about her, check the semi-“official” wiki at: If your answer cannot be found there, comment below.


Congratulations!! I’m so happy that one of us got Light Fury!! Yay!! I wanna see the baby Light Fury! :grin:

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Have a look at the wiki! The pics of baby me and short wing me are at the bottom of the page!

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I was just on there, I have to go straight to the bottom now :rofl: Thank you @LightFury!

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Haha no problem!

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Oh, the baby one is so cute!!
I only dislike training for one reason, because they are such adorable babies!

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Congratulations!!! This was a remarkable achievement! Runes aside, getting her the first go around requires a lot of patience and dedication! I do have a few questions out of strong curiosity:

  1. Would you please share a screenshot of your roster and roughly how many trust point you got per reset?
  2. Did the cost to reset the challenge top out at some point or kept increasing? Do you recall the cost of your last reset?
  3. I haven’t seen pictures of trained Light Furys anywhere, would you care to share a screenshot?
  4. This one is down the road, the link you shared suggests that duplicate copies of the dragon is required for training beyond three stars, which sounds ridiculous for a UNIQUE character, would you please let us know the resources required to train her up each step of the way, and especially if duplicate copies are required?

Thank you very much and again, huge applause and congratulations!


  1. My team is a little over 4K (3* Brute-Wurst, 2* Waveshaker, 3* Torch, 3* Muck & Tumble and 3* Fog-Stalker). I don’t remember about how many trust points I was getting, sorry. I was only paying attention to my total TP count during the event.
  2. Same as the TP. I’m pretty sure it continued to go up by 96 (not 100, important note here) each reset. I didn’t notice whether there was a cap or not.
  3. Like I said above, there is a screenshot of the baby Me and a Short Wing me on the wiki page.
  4. That is the standard template we use for dragon pages, which is accurate for all other dragons. I’m not sure about LF, but I’m pretty sure it’s the same because the trust point counter reset and I got another baby unlock with the reset counter once I unlocked Me.
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Anyone else manage to get her during these two events or is it just us?

You are more dedicated that me, lol. I got to 500 trust points with maybe 3 days left, realized how much more I’d need to spend to get her the rest of the way, and just couldn’t swing it. But knowing she’d be back fairly soon was just an exercise in patience.

Now to just train another 2 so she can get maxed out. I am in no hurry though, lol. I’m happy looking at her and using her for my grind quests until I can train her again.

Me too

Congrats! So jelly.

Same! I don’t even have me yet :frowning:

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