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I just had an Erlidom hit through Long Invncibility on my Orion

Here’s how it played out.

My rinex vs their Erlidom
They cloak, I rampage and run into Orion.
SI Dodge activates and since I’m faster, I go for Long Invincibility.
Erlidom uses strike and run, hits THROUGH MY SHIELD for decreased damage due to some sort of dodge, even though SI dodge already activated.
Runs into thor, kills me off with DSI through Sidestep.

This bug has cost me trophies, and it’s utterly unacceptable that I lost a match I would have won on account of a bug.

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If swap in dodge was still active the shield wouldn’t have kicked in until next turn; so it hit you through the dodge (which is possible); if I’m reading what you say right.

Edit: ah - thanks to what Arnold said I see what you mean; great bug!

Same has happened with me a few times where I’ve had dinos hit through the shield when they shouldn’t be able too

Apparently the shield doesn’t work if evasion is active. A known (and stupid) bug.

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Hey bobbymcfeen, I’m sorry to hear that happened. Could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key along with your report so our team can gather some more information? Thanks!

Quetzorion is involved with a couple bugs.

Rat stuns a dino, goes to rampage and Quetzorion swaps in, rat is still bound another turn.

happened me a lot of times when my Quetz it’s chained with Stigydaryx and then i use the shield

Don’t worry. They’re gonna fix this in 5 months.


I’ll do that. Will it be okay for me to include a few other game issues I’ve encountered in my report too? There are quite a few and I would love for them to get noticed.

but since is reported from other members too, my suggestion is move this topic to bug reports area… it’s not individual issue anymore.

Agree! :confounded:been there too

(insert x and run invincibility bug reply here)