I just joined the Legendary Club!

And I’m so excited! After sooooo much time of playing I finally managed to unlock Stegodeus! It’s gonna be ages until I get another legendary but for now I’m more than happy with this tough girl. Rex will always be my Queen but this is now my Goddess, and fairly so <3




Now let’s wait another 84 years until I can get my hands on a second legendary lol.


Nice! Stegodeus was my second legend ( first was indo rex) and won many battles with it. I always use it as my last dino to battle because it can take some hits. Love it.

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Congrats, I’m 500 steg DNA away from lvl 15.
Hopefully he’ll be as good as everybody says.

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Grats. Apparently Spaces are not characters…

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Concrats! I didnt know there was a club for this :smiley:
Anyway, i guess i can join too then, last night i made the indominus rex, my first legendary too!
Perhaps its not the best one but i love it!


Time goes too fast! I guessed this game was launched at this year, but it looks like it have been launched at 84 years ago!:joy:

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Congratz and welcome to To The Legendary club Lyra! I Will get stego this week aswell.

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Congrats, you will enjoy having this a very useful dino on your team (she is staying on mine!)

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N1! I’ve 2 now finally! Indominus (i got 80 the 100 on my last two ‘Creates’ is that ultra luck or just Ludia giving everyone one quickly!!!) and an Ankynyrosaurus (woooooooooot wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot!!!)

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Congrats! That’s the best legendary atm.

I have the Indominus but annoyingly it was only selected to my fights about 5 times today, out of some 30 fights. And in one of those the dodge failed twice (that I can understand as normal as it’s 50/50).

I have same thing! I get Indominus about 50/50 of my battles, but dodge feels like it dodge change is 1% and opponent’s change to hit me is 99%!

Congrats! That’s the best legendary atm.:open_mouth::open_mouth:

Makes two of us then as earlier on today i also gained my very first * Legendary dinosaur * and yes it was the same as yours * Stegodeus * and dang it has a nice attack mode… belted the stuffing out of my opposition in its very first battle lol :+1: :grinning: :+1: