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I just lost 7 consecutive tourney battles to speed ties

And on at least 3 of those moves, I clearly noticed a delay with my opponent’s selection, meaning I did, technically, tap on that icon before my opponent.

I usually love tournament battles, but this has really soured it for me. I really can’t be bothered to waste more time losing to them in the hopes of getting back to my max trophy count (whyyyyy can’t we have a tournament solely built on how many wins you got). If it’s not speed ties it’s someone dumping that wretched Procerathomimus on me at the very last minute so it’s impossible for me to do anything at that point.

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For some reason the speed ties are really bad this time. It seems like there’s a delay but appaerently they chose to use the attack before you.

I want to help my alliance out with the end-goal incubator and I have been putting in my time to do so but this particular restriction (rare/epic hybrids only) has SUCH a limited pool of legitimately decent choices to put on one’s team that I’ve found most of the battles I do are decided on the very first creature each player sends out first, sometimes extending to the second one, but rarely.

Speed ties only amplify the effects of my frustration and, I too, have been subject to OBVIOUSLY being the person to select a move first and yet going second every. single. time.

I will keep doing what I can when I’m not ready to punch a hole in my bedroom wall but I’m in no way eager and I severely doubt I’ll be able to climb out of the deficit I’ve dug myself into because of just how insane this is all playing out.

I am definitely NOT a fan of this tournament, i am having some fun with dimodactylus though.

not to mention, we have had the same pretty much epic hybrid theme yet again…

My very first battle on Friday and out comes the Christmas chicken :chicken:. That right there was all I needed. Got my 10 kills and haven’t been back in there. My alliance knows I don’t do these lvl 26 clusters.

7 in a row? Yikes! You have my sympathies. I know how much of a downer that can be.

Welcome to the club

This is the worst tournament rules there is (and ironically, the one we’ve been having the most :roll_eyes:)… Few viable options, which means more odds of speedties happening. Also, there’s a huge power difference between some creatures, specifically Procerat and IndoRex2… And since everybody, and I mean EverY-FreaKiNg-BoDy, will be using those two, it makes the speedties not only more common, but also more decisive between them…

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Pretty sure advantage one is even worse. Ties are a pain, but I prefer having ties in every match than facing overboosted and overleveled Procerats with my <20 epics

I meant worse rules of Skill tourneys. Advantage is surely worse no question about it

is advantage just who has the most money now?

There has been a lot of issues with cell providers this past week. I’ve been having issues with connection all week on everything.

Maybe that’s it?

I disagree. The speed tie kings (you all know who I’m talking about) would be atop the leaderboard if this was all about speed.