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I just lost all my dinosaurs and it somehow restarted the whole game all over again

And problem is ludia wont help you…


Forget It, It’s Fine.

Can you let us know the problem if it was fixed or are you saying it is fine to start again. If it was a logging in problem then it may help someone in the same situation

I’ve had the same issue, account was under my Google play and everything gone. Tried going back through Google play and now just loads from the start each time

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Hey G_Harrison, I’m very sorry to hear about what happened, but let’s try and see if we can get this resolved for you. If your account was connected to either Facebook or a Google Play store account, can you make sure that you had not logged out of those accounts on your device? Because this will have logged you out of your Jurassic World Alive game too.

Once you have verified which account your game was connected to, please have your device reconnect to the account and launch the game again.

If your account is still lost after this, our support team will be happy to take a look at this for you. Could you please provide your Support Key from your old and new account and email them here at

Here is the answer to your problem, I posted about this in another thread: Changing devices

"You don’t have to sign in or link your Facebook. I know for sure if you sign in with a Google account, then sign in with the same Google account on the other/new device, your current game will be there. My son and I play the same game on two phones and no matter which phone we open the game, it always shows the current game as long it is signed in with the same Google account. Since Facebook accounts can be disabled for various reasons, I would not recommend linking your account to your Facebook because if you lose access to the Facebook account, you would lose access to your game.

One thing I forgot to mention is that if you have more than one Google account on your phone, it will ask you when you open the game to authorize access from one of them. If that isn’t the correct Google account, click Deny, then it will offer you a list of your Google accounts to choose from. Choose the correct one and all your stuff will be there.

If you accidentally allow the wrong account, you will have to delete that account from Settings>Accounts, then open the game and authorize the correct account. Once you’ve done that, you can add the Google account back that you deleted and all will be back like it was.

I wish that the game would just simply offer access to that Permission menu where you can choose which Google account for the game to log into, because I would like to have my own game separate from my son’s game. We should just be able to log out one user and log in another user."

That is the info I posted in the thread listed above. It will allow you to get your game back and doesn’t take very long. :slight_smile: I hope this helps you and maybe others.


I’m So Sorry If I Shocked anybody with my Violent Cursing. Maybe the Game Restarted because the Famous Indoraptor was Added to the Game. Or Maybe Because the game had a error or something? And Again, I’m Sorry Because of my Violent Cursing. Thanks Everybody for All of the Help!

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PISSED ME OFF! Last night this happened


Lost my entire game over a week ago due to a system glitch and still no response from help & support. Spent money on this game and was really enjoying it until now.


So my girlfriend was playing while I was driving and all of a sudden the game crashed and when she reloaded it was all gone. Her name was IcyLove. We both spent money and had collected various rare packs and dinos. Please help


Sometimes when you crash or disconnect from the game it’ll log you out of your google or facebook account. Go into settings and try to login to the account and it should reload just fine.

(Every time I disconnect from wireless and go to DATA it does this to me so I’ve gotten familiar with it).

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But she still has you :wink:


Hey Catherine_Cown, I’m sorry to hear that our support team has not gotten back to you yet. Sadly, we are receiving a much larger volume of tickets than we had anticipated, but our staff is working as quickly as possible to get through to everyone who needs our assistance.

Hi, you shouldn’t need to delete the account from android settings. Instead in the game click your level in the top right corner and change to the game’s settings tab. In there is a button to log out of the current google account. Once you have done that it should change to a login button and then allow you to pick which account to use.

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Thanks, Huz, I did figure that out from another poster’s comment in a different thread. I corrected my other post about this, but forgot to correct this one. Peace!

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when to log in this morning and all my account was missing. Tried deleting app snd re installing.
that didnt work.
Any suggestions

Also emailed Ludia and got canned response.
“we’ve got a large influx of tickets causing extended wait times for responses.”

I’ve submitted a ticket before in June, beginning of the month after getting a VIP membership and being an avid player to only get 0 questions answered and told what I already know. Hopefully someone here can help.

I got booted off my old account on google play. This isn’t the bad part, just nuisance. But when trying to select the google play account on the main screen, my phone read that I wanted to log in via facebook.
See, my phone can’t really read my fingers through scar tissue. I rely on a stylus to type and select things properly. But the jurassic world app doesnt like my stylus. It refuses to read it and respond, including on the account selection screen.

And now I can’t back out to the account selection screen! I am stuck at square 1 after hours and weeks of playing avidly (and with a game that doesn’t read your selections, getting anywhere is a victory no matter how small).
That’s all I want yo know! How do I go back to select my google play account and not facebook? How? Where do I click? I use a samsung galaxy note 8 to play this. Can someone, anyone, help? Ludia’s team is only telling me exactly what I told them is the problem and have not given solutions!

Hey TheOnyxFoxReturns, I’m sorry to hear that our support team was not able to help you back in June, but we would be glad to try and assist you again. Could you please contact our team again and let them know that you need your lost account returned, it will help them find you faster if you could provide them with your support key for your old game.

I honestly can’t even remember how I asked the first time. I cant get to the site to send in a ticket. Do you have a link to it so I can email someone?

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Hi TheOnyxFoxReturns,

Click your level in the top right corner and change to the settings tab. There will be a button to log out of facebook and one to log into google play.

Hopefully that screen will work ok with your stylus.

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