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I just lost all my progress

I don’t have a account linked to the game I don’t know my support key all I know is my username CRex07 #2566 can you help me get it back

Did you have an alliance?

No I joined one though

Android or iOS? iOS if you go to Settings and scroll down to your apps and click on JWA it should have your Support ID displayed in there. I haven’t used a ‘droid in quite a while but I would think it also has something similar.

It’s iOS and do I need my old one? Or will the new one work as well

Have you always signed in as a Guest, never connecting through Facebook (or some other means)? If you’ve only ever played as a Guest, never connecting, Ludia will have to help you.

The only other thing I can suggest is checking if your currently connected.
On the Game’s [Profile | Settings] page (accessed by pressing the Upper Left Circle that shows your player level), under Settings does the 3rd button down on the right say “Connect” or “Logout”?

If I Logout and play as a Guest for a bit, when I go back click on Connect it asks if I want to Connect via Facebook. If I hit Yes it recognizes that I already have a JWA account attached to the Facebook profile I’m trying to Connect with and it tells me I’m switching from the Guest account to my regular account.

I have always played as guest cuz for some reason my apple account wouldn’t connect and I didn’t have Facebook so I had to play as guest

Playing as a Guest is risky as there’s always the possibility your game progress can get lost. That’s why they recommend connecting your game to Facebook or Game Center, etc.

Hopefully Ludia can help you to recover your progress.

Ok I also didn’t get a chance to connect it to game center

Welcome to the forums, @C-Rex07! If you haven’t already, please send an email to our support team at as they would be glad to provide assistance. Since you mentioned that your Apple ID wouldn’t connect, you can also bring this up with them. Thank you!

It says my Apple ID is not permitted to make accounts with it but if I could type it in I could