I just lost my shot at Rex and Pyro that's it I'm done, goodbye Ludia I won't miss you


So the event was supposed to reset at 10:00 AM EDT right? RIGHT??? Wrong. I went hunting for the event dinosaurs today one hour before the reset (that’s 3:00 PM here in Spain so it was a good time for hunting), thinking one hour would be enough to get my 6 attempts at this week’s Epics. I got close to my nearest park at 2:58 PM (reminder: 08:58 AM EDT) and checked a Pyroraptor, 300 meters away. It said 2 minutes to event reset! I didn’t have time to get close enough to even get one attempt.

Maybe the event reset time changed a few days ago, I don’t know because I haven’t been playing a lot lately, but I HAVE been keeping an eye out for any news regarding the game. They NEVER said anything about changing the event reset time, neither in the patch notes nor in the rework news. Come on, Ludia, you HAVE TO communicate with your community! We are paying customers and deserve to know what we can expect. These ninja changes have cost you several players, including myself. I regret buying VIP so much, but it’s already canceled, that’s for d4mn sure.

Well, as I was saying, I haven’t been playing a lot, because I was getting tired at the game’s problems, but I was hoping maybe this week’s Epics would make me play again. Maybe, just maybe, finally unlocking the Pyroraptor and leveling up my beloved T-Rex would make me jump into the game again. Oh well. I’m so angry and tired of all this, this was the last straw. I won’t be hunting the Pyrritator tomorrow, or even doing matches to get incubators anymore. In a week or so I will probably uninstall. I do hope this game’s problems get fixed asap because the game has a great potential and I wish the rest of you can enjoy it for a long time, but sadly, I doubt I will be around to witness it anymore.

Farewell to you all. It’s been fun while it lasted. :raising_hand_woman:t2::t_rex:


Sorry to hear that, @Lyra. You were one of the more level-headed regulars on this forum.

I also mistakenly believed that the event would reset at 10 a.m. EDT (which is 9 a.m. across the pond over here), so I’m a bit disappointed myself.

Regardless, thanks for all your insight and suggestions during your time on the forum. :sauropod:


Don’t know why, but at the last hour of every event, there will be an hour that all green event spots along with dinos disappeared, and turn into normal supply spots.

It’s about 9~10 a.m. EDT. And the green spots & events dinos come back after 10 a.m.


Yeah I noticed that whatever day the postimetrodon was on the go. I had made a point of getting to the park before 3pm as that when it reset meant I could get one and then get the other just after. Which changed on that day to 2pm. So really the events are on for 47hrs not 48 tsk tsk.


I was forced to abandon (temporarily anyway) my quest for the Holy Pyroraptor, due to my overriding survival instinct kicking in.

I wouldn’t have made it to the park. I most likely would’ve burst into flames as soon as I set foot outdoors. It was 106 here yesterday (the hottest recorded in the entire US yesterday), which is just a bit over 40°C if you’re metric.


no offense, but why couldnt you do 6 catches in 48 hours? i dont think its fair to give them any blame. if it was 3 catches per day would you be complaining that you ignored pyroraptor yesterday?


People work, dude. That cuts down the time they have, and with the record heat going on, makes things tougher.


Man, I really hate to see you go. I’m sure there will be other chances though. There’s a lot of dinos, so I bet the rotations are tricky.


Sorry to see you go Lyra, you were active on here and I always agreed with your posts. :frowning:


The event gave you two days to catch 6 dinosaurs. Why on earth would you wait till the last hour? That is plenty of ample time to catch these guys, if you can’t manage to catch a “ event “ Dino in a 2 day window that’s not there problem.


It was actually 47 hours we got :roll_eyes: and to be fair I never caught my last pyro until the last 15 mins today.


Oh, if you didn’t notice so far … the Event time changed from 4 PM Europe to 3 PM Europe after their Update with shared attempts and such.

That’s why my Poll was ending at 3 PM today as well.


Don’t feel sorry since this has plenty of time to get all your chances. And I highly doubt u will leave. No one ever leaves, they just complain then lurk. :roll_eyes:


It’s no ones fault but your own. You had 2 days. Tired after work? Hot or cold as hell outside? Shoulda toughed up and got it done. Nobody held you at gun point and made you miss them.

Daily dino event is everchanging. Times, availability, and mechanics seem to be changing every couple weeks. Start paying more attention and stop blaming anyone but yourself.


This guy already did a farewell post


Not anyone’s prob but there own, the amount of hours is plenty of time.


Forum full of a bunch of noobs crying all day about raptors and p2w. Prob being pounced on by lvl 8 raptors in the baby arena


Regardless of whether I could have gotten the pyro or not, the problem is that when I went to hunt it, it was SUPPOSED to be there. So yes, it’s their fault for not giving us accurate information. If the had told us event ended at 9:00 AM EDT maybe I would have missed my chance too but then it would have been my fault, too. Look, I don’t even like pyro that much, I wanted her for my collection not for my team and missing her isn’t that bad. The problem is that I’ve gotten sick of the treat we receive and this was just the last straw.


Yes, 47 hours would have been plenty of time. The problem is not that there wasn’t enough time, the problem is that they advertised it as 48 hours and then it was 47. That is simply lying to us and it’s something I will not stand anymore. Also, calling people noobs for no reason is weird. I’ve never complained about raptors and I’ve made it to 3400 trophies in arena 7 by spending only the 10€ of VIP, so I hardly think you could call me a noob.


Well, it wasn’t like this a week ago. I remember hunting two different dinosaurs last Saturday because I caught one before 10 AM EDT and another right after. They changed it after that. And them changing it is not outrageous. What is outrageous is that we didn’t get the information when they did. That is just unacceptable.