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I just love the end of tournaments!


Faced my first Tryko yesterday! Kicked me so hard that I passed out and only regained consciousness now, 12 hours later. And I had never faced so many Diloracheirus in the same day. But hey! That’s all part of the FUN right?! Like having to face dinos at level 25, 26, while most of mine are around level 20! Oh, and how can I forget the Indoraptors at level 23 and 24, that dodges everything and crits every time! They are so, so cool! That doesn’t make me rage at all! :crazy_face:


I stopped playing a week ago in arena. I am waiting for the end of the world to happen. That or Ludia get off their hineys and get cracking on some of the new spoofers that are plaguing the game. But hey, according to some peopleI am just a conspiracy nut


Unfortunately, I’m at the peak of what would be my positive rng cycle. But, because of the tourney I’ve stopped/limited my battling.

The only thing more frustrating is driving hundreds of miles and seeing little more than majungasaurus, einiosaurus, a few raptors, an occasional allosaurus, and a bunch of apatosaurus. Traveled through many different locals, each one full of it’s own specific common and little to nothing else. The spawn system is FUBAR.


Just went in arena to see how it is.
3600 trophies.
Faced a L23 indominus rex. Then a L24 indoraptor.

I hear they released some new creatures in PoGo.
I should probably get playing and back up to speed in that game. This one is obviously thing nowhere fast.


Terrible, just terrible matchmaking


Yes, it is a bit frustrating to be facing teams that simply overpower you. I take the beating and try again. When I drop enough in trophies I get a game where I am the one that much higher than my opponent and get an incubator. I do the battle twice, take a break, battle two more… routine.

I agree it is not the best of systems and I do not really like being the ‘bully’ when I get too low for my team. It feels like a cheap win.

For me, it is not an issue as I do not watch trophies. I would just like to keep an incubator running. I put in a few fun Dino’s and make the most of the fall, then put in a different team to win one.

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I stopped playing the Arena. Waiting for it to end now so Arena fights go back to being fun and playable for the casual people.

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Ludia has to fix the matchmaking. I’m crossing my fingers for 1.6 being the end to the horrible matchmaking so I don’t have to do 10 battles to win one single incubator anymore. Good matchmaking should mean winning or loosing about 50% of the time, not having to face dinos that are 5 levels higher than mine, every single battle.


Absolutely. That is the aspect that most needs fixing.


Sad, I haven’t had an incubator active since yesterday. Kind of losing interest and seeing no endgame. Just calculated how much more needed to create indoraptor.

I’m starting to believe someone created an automation bot that works with GPS for this game, with the amount of lower level, seemingly new players that have indoraptor suddenly, and the dearth of Trex… it is questionable, at best.


What I don’t understand is while facing roughly the same level of opponents (mostly a cpl of levels above me) I only get +20 for a win, but lose over 30 trophies when I lose…


Ugh, I had two matches in a row where the opponent had lvl 25+ dinos with a Indo (25) and Stegod (26) being the two that took me out.


While I generally find tournaments a lot of fun, because I don’t care about the rewards, or if I loose a battle (or 10), or care what rank I get, and enjoy facing-off against new and interesting dino-hybrids I do think that they’re far too long.

One thing is obvious here though, the battle system is ‘rigged’. You will reach a certain point, a paywall, which in order to jump the final 1000 trophy levels to be able to actually compete at the top you will have had to have payed and played a substantial amount. So by default the winners will be those who’ve either spoofed, or payed the most to win. Its OK I guess because I don’t care about that either I’m just in it for the fight and memories of glorious victories against the odds. At the end of the day we’ve gotta make the most of what we’ve got, know our place and simply enjoy the game.


Sometimes I like to believe in conspiracies when I start hitting the 4100-4200 region I seem to start running into players with uniques (I have none yet) and dino’s way higher level than my own. Then common sence hits me that I’m probs a bit to high up with my current team and it’s the systems way of balancing out my rank :slight_smile:


It’s no conspiracy mate, it’s about the level where people seem to naturally be inquiring their second or third uniques (Indoraptor unique was introduced waaay to early in the game for the majority). I still don’t yet have my first lol. It’s a really fun and interesting meta to play, however this ‘region’ shifts quite a lot after a tournament has ended.

You say you feel that you’ve levelled up too high for your team, what’s the average level of your team and do you have any particularly over-levelled creatures?


Guarantee you that the match making will just be as bad in the next tournament and the next!

Ludia just don’t seem to be bothered about changing things are not even sorting the new wave of Spoofers in the game.


I go as high as 4100-4200, then usually tank back to about 3800-3900.


That’s a really good team, however and you’ll hate me for saying it but, it’s probably the RNG of I-Rex which is losing it for you and giving you such a high trophy swing of 400. Because it’s totally depending upon which way the RNG is blowing. Try swapping it out for a more ‘reliable’ dino, like that Tany you’ve got there. Or maybe try using monomimus a bit as another wild-card (it’s better than I-Rex AND can defeat them). Level up Utasinoraptor and it’ll certainly carry your team higher.


Yeah sometimes I could eat my I-Rex when it lets me down, but then it has also saved me often so I find it hard to drop. Problem with leveling up the utasino is that I hardly see any sinoceratops and used to events we had recently to level up allosino in preperation for thor (I have 25k tarbo stocked in contrast to about 4k dracorex for utarinex)