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I just stopped a Draco swap in DSR

During a friendly match my opponent switched to draco the same time I switched to maiasaura. I was faster, my swap in stun worked. No DSR. Lucky? Yeah, pretty much, but looks as if it’s not impossible to stop.


Any dino that’s faster than draco and has swap in stun is generally a good counter if you can predict when your opponent is going to swap in draco. Usually on your second or third dino from what I’ve noticed.


You can do the same with edmontoguandon and anything with swap in stun. You have to predict it, not it works.

And for some reason the SIA stun Dino doesn’t have to be faster than DC.

And next update swap in distraction is getting changed to 90%. Will be a good counter


you found THE (possible) CURE!!!

How is this known?

Ludia has FINALLY listened to us! Their making cures and vaccines against dracoceratops!!

The text is already changed in game for about a month now

And if we go on every single previous text change we know that it’s going to be effective when the update hits lol

I didn’t know that! Thanks.

the problem is:

draco swap in is 100% chance. other swap in dinos are XX%. even if dino is dodge active, may not work against draco bite (dodge is 50%).

and, obviously, the prediction.

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Yea man. Too bad only currently 4 useless dinos have the move :joy: hopefully when it actually gets changed to 90 they will give it to a dino that would be used

Swap in distraction works 100% of the time too…

The only swap in move that isn’t 100% effective is swap in stun. The rest work every time lol

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Ow, sorry, i mean stun.
But is distraction useful against dracorat? :thinking:

Currently only reduces 50%. Will be 90% next update

Swap in shield is useless too. hahaha

Not good against dc. But it works everytime lol

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But the only real predictable situation isn’t the return of the rat? The first swap in can arrive anytime. :scream:
And having a weak dino in team only as a prevention for draco, is it a good idea?

The problem is edmontoguandon still look like

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