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I just unlocked the trade harbor

I just reached level 50 ,and unlocked the trade harbor,I want to thank everybody in the forums for helping me, I now realised how much at a loss I was with levelling up slowly,I am now building my resources, i just got 3.3 million food from the trade harbor,which is obviously way more than I ever needed. I have 8 Apatosaurus fossils in my market,and they are ever helpful,just got a whopping 400 DB from them alongside 800k food. The trade harbor will help me clean my market,I am willing to take any trade for the garbage I have in my market,I would like some help on how to use my Custom Trades,cause i just realised that you can only take the offer she gives leave it,cause I tried trading DNA for Jurassic, i have 10000 dna,so i expected something good,but i got a 200 dna for guan long which is totally garbage,and also overpriced,currently,the trade harbor is my best friend for food,worst for coin, I got a terrible offer that was a splinter for 9 DNA,but I accepted it to get rid of the mod. The Apatosaurus fossils alone have taken almost all the way upto level 51,I wanted to ask how do I use my custom trades?

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For custom trades I would only use coins or Apatosaurus fossils at your position.
Fossils against VIP points is a good idea. If you have maximum coins you can also try to trade them for creatures, you have a chance to get offers for some decent ones.
At a later point of the game you may also want to try to sell legendary dinos or even hybrids for VIP points or bucks. But the offers for bucks are not the best ones.


In my opinion you shouldn’t trade away your mods. Instead you should do mod PvP with your remaining mods. You will get way more valuable things than trading them.

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I did custom trade my Suchomimus for Loyalty Points today,It was a unnessecary Suchomimus. My only unlocked Legendaries are Shunosaurus and Itchyostega.

In your situation (level 50) I can’t understand why any legendary creature could be unnecessary for your lineup.


You do have a point. However. I already have multiple copies at level 20,so you can guess it,plus a level 10 suchomimus will not benefit. It will not even fit in my top 15. I have too many carnivores already,in my top creatures,look ,

  1. T Rex Level 20
  2. Spinoraptor Level 10
  3. Alangasaurus level 30
  4. Suchomimus Level 20
  5. Suchomimus Level 20
  6. Suchomimus Level 20
  7. Nundasuchus 40
  8. Raptor 30
  9. Zhejiangopterus 30
  10. Kaprosuchus 20
  11. Postosuchus 20
  12. Stegosaurus 20
  13. Spinosaurus 20
  14. Euplocephalus 20
  15. Rhamphorhynchus 30

I hope you can see why.

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I have been purchasing Apatosaurus fossils a lot,I have 10 in my storage,they give loads of XP,just waiting for some better offers,i got an offer to trade one for 393 dna,but that was no really a good one,so i left it. I will trade my Elasmosaurs in the market for LP tomorrow and see what I can get , Dinos seem to give good LP,if this goes the way it is,I can open 1 Solid Gold Pack every 2 weeks.

@Tommi how frequently do trades in the harbor refresh? I have finished my daily refreshes. The harbor seems to love my Deinotheriums,loads of DB Offers for them,I have 370 DB at the moment.

Best do your custom trades and the three refreshes for bucks at the same time because they both need 24 hours before you can use them again. That way you need only one internal or external timer to do both.


Just traded 3 million food for 14 million gold today hoping for another trade giving 7 million food for 14 million gold.

Would you recomment to do the 50 buck refreshes?

I would always recommend late game players to do them. As a newer player it depends on if you already have enough dinobucks to do them on a regular basis. And if you have enough coins or food to trade these additional offers.


I would always do the 50 DB refresh, you will make the 150 DB (3 refreshes) back, most times even more.

@anon43877113 glad you thought leveling up to 50 was a good decision. If you get an offer for your Apato Fossil, any offer, take it. Food, you can use or trade for coins later. DNA/LP/DB you need. Just take DNA even if you feel like you don’t need it.

It costs like 1.2M coins for the fossil, any offer is better.

Next step, get to level 90 as quickly as possible. You unlock daily packs for dinos, DB/LP. It wouldn’t hurt you to be level 90.

I believe you can get Mystery Pack to Legendary Pack. But I have only seen a Super Rare pack, once. I usually get these rare/common packs. Has good DNa/DBs in it for doing just 1 battle.

Very funny.

I’m aiming to get to level 60, unlocking CofT, John Hammonds, and Park Oasises.

I have done my refreshes for today,I seem to love the trade harbor,I can max my dilophosaurus.

With this lineup, I would not trade any creature away, especially not one that has not been unlocked. A level 40 Suchomimus has enough health to help with a tournament run, also Suchomimus has a hybrid. This is a long game. Try to not make moves that hurt your long game.

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I have gotten loads of DB Today,if I were to stack the DB I get from the trade harbor,I can probably use them in the Prize Drop Lottery,I did the refreshes today morning,and got back 400 more bucks than I spent on the refreshes,I got a nice Apatosaurus fossil for DB Trade as well. I do see some really bad trades though ,like I saw 900k food for 198 dna today,and 22 db for 1 berserk mod.

The Trade Harbor is your best friend and your worse enemy. Like others have said take any trade for the fossil DB>DNA>Food>Coin you wont see LP trades for these in the standard harbor. Use what ever bucks you have or receive to clear your market of any lower level creatures you may have and start working your way up through the other rarities Common, Rare, Super Rare, Legendary, Tournament. hatching creatures is the best way to increase your coin production and now that the trade harbor is unlocked you have a way to increase your resources substantially to keep up with the feeding and evolving of all your creatures.

@Leo_Walter is correct in that you should be doing as many MOD PvP’s as you can handle to dump your MODs, the trade harbor will give you garbage trades for them you can still take them but what you get in MOD PvP, or at least the ability to get, will far exceed what you will get as an offer in the TH.

If you havent done so already make sure you have a ton of decorations around your paddocks so you can keep up with the amount of coin production needed to that you can take advantage of high coins for DNA, Food, LP, and DB offers that you will see from time to time.

If you can keep your market clear (or at least mostly clear except for apatosaurus fossils) you just unlocked a substantial inflow of resources to the game especially if you check the TH often through out the day.

I got a total steal today,a steal mod for 22 DNA,but I did not take the trade because I had to clear my market of any garbage.

I have been checking the trade harbor way too much though,probably once every 30 minutes today,just too excited probably. I have gotten some really good trades for LP today. The Trade Harbor gives bucks really nice.