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I just wanna use my new toy ; ;


Just did 7 battles in the arena and I lost every single one lol can you guess what dinos I lost too? Sad part was I never got to try mine out ; ; how am I supposed to know how amazing tryko is if I don’t get to even use mine lol it’s like the game picked all my weakest guys on my team. Better luck tomorrow! How is everyone else enjoying they’re new toys?


I’m waiting until the tournament ends to test out both Spiky Potato (Kentrosauru’s hybrid) and Erlidomimus.


Thats what I’m doing as well. I’m too scared to battle, id drop below 4500 if I lost.


Probably best!! It’s preeeetty intense right now haha! Only battles today so I could get my daily incubator for that tasty anky dna. Wasn’t expecting to battle more then a few times tho. Least I can figure out how these dinos work as I haven’t seen them before


If it wasn’t for the daily missions I wouldn’t have bothered! I WAS just passed 4250, now I am around 4030.


It sucks you went down :frowning:
You’ll still get the same reward though. If I went below 4500 trophies. I’ll get a lot less.


Oh no I totally understand why! I was secretly hoping I could make it to 4500 then I could just camp out until the end of the tournament so I could get better rewards. Ah well always next time x)


I love that you nicknamed her “Spiky Potato” Lol


Not enjoying my Erli at all, cause I don’t wanna fall below 4750 trophies before the season ends… :neutral_face:


Well, after using Erlidomimus in 4 battles I can safely say, he’s making me regret getting him instead of Tryko. Dodges fail, he gets critted too often and since I’m facing tanks like Stegodeus & Tragodistis his rampages don’t do much against them…I haven’t really used Spiky Potato yet, out of the 1 battle I did use him he was up against a bleeder :confused: sigh…


When tryko is on the field, the match is over.


Don’t enjoy any of them because I didn’t unlock one x) only did 4 attempts at not optimal distance except one and darted what appeared to me ^^’ so I’m stuck with 111 erli , 70 ish of tryko and dioraj and darted some indo DNA


I used my new Trykosaurus in a friendly battle yesterday with someone I battle regularly, and all I can say is I can’t wait until mine is level 26! My opponent started with Indominus, then Allosinosaurus, then Pyrritator. My Tryko obliterated them 3-0.

She’s 23 now, but she’s far from immortal. I did a normal battle with her a few minutes ago and I got a taste of my own medicine when I got Lethal Wounded by a level 30 Suchotator like mine.