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I just want a Pachycephalosaurs!

I’ve been grinding away to try to get up to Lockwood Estates and every time I get anywhere close, I get a nasty RNG run and I curse you and your game. So let’s make a deal, you give me one week with a Pachycephalosaurs event or just give me 150 Pachy DNA and I’ll stop worrying about it. You can keep your boost systems and trophy counts and I will stop complaining about battles. It’s just asinine that you locked a simple epic in an upper level arena when it’s not a neccesary endgame component. Can you please do this for me, please?

Epic strike today gave me 18 pachy.

Good luck.

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Well, then thank you Ludia. Keep me in Jurrasic ruins until I unlock Elikodominus, Touromoloch and Godzilla. :slight_smile:

I also got Pachy from strike battles this week