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I just want liam back

okay listen
liam park was on tour for 2 weeks
and he told me he’d talk to me while he was in tour
suddenly he’s left and not come back!
i just want my mans back
wheres he at?
is he dead ?!
does he hate me ?!
that man was obsessed with me so that must not be it. WAIT MAYBE HE WAS KIDNAPPED

They’re all gone.

Maybe ozo got to them all. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Either way I wouldn’t hold my breath on anyone reappearing anytime soon. Well- for more than two days anyhow.

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Maybe Nicholas kidnapped them all in his time machine and took them back to a time before Lovelink!:scream:

honestly i got tired of accidentally paying for options that i didn’t mean to so i unmatched so many ppl. idek who nicholas is :joy:but you prolly right