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I just want some darts Ludia


Okay, it’s great to have another event ongoing at the same time, so I picked up my phone and finished all 24 tries of flyers in one go, now I can’t get darts from those supply drops because no matter how much I tried, I always tap on the flying Dino but not the supply drop, anyone having this trouble also?

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Yup same here there is a trick though spin the screen so the bird is behind the stop and click on the top of the drop works for me but took me almost half an hour to figure this out.


Didn’t work for me, no matter how hard I tried


Hey Ho_Man_Mak, thanks for reporting this to us. I’m sorry that you’re being affected by this, our team has been notified of the issue, and they’re looking into it.


Bug Description: all blue stops can’t be spun because the flying Dino’s always get clicked so you can’t spin stop unless you catch it first which is an issue if you already did the full amount allow to catch. Another words the flying Dino’s are in the way of spinning the stops.

Not really a bug just a severe issue

Area is was found in: everywheres on map where flying Dino’s are at the blue stops

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1-
Step 2 -
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen:all the time

What type of device are you using:

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)


I’m using iOS not that it matters


Im using ios, in my case is that the green event supply drop cannot be spin because everytime
I click the drop, I will be clicking on the flying dinos. Unless I capture the dino that way I can spin the green event drop. But in other case that if I had reached the maximum catch, I would not be able to spin the drop because the dino is on the way.

ps. when the dino is flying would make what I mention above, if the dino is sitting on the ground I can still spin the drop without capture it first.


Yeah I posted about it here: Flyers block supply drop access


Why was my post flagged by people? Also I didn’t post this in this thread the staff did this I was filing a bug problem or issue with map dunno why it was posted in this thread and then flagged?

I honestly don’t understand this forum one bit nor people who flag a person reporting a problem. What a joke


How to collect supply from Green Supply drop after done with the max attempts?


That’s what I found is that I can’t poke on the green supply drop without getting the dino either sitting there or flying around it. I think that just started today. I don’t recall having that problem yesterday.


I can’t event target the ones with any of the flying lizards, it keeps targeting them instead.


Now the supply max of coins are diff from GREEN and ORANGE…yet if u done with the event dino you cannot tap for supply also, mistake i guess, shd allow to collect supply once u max the attempts.


Yup. I can confirm I have this problem too. The previous event doesn’t affect this but the flyers seem to have changed it. Hope they realized this.


I found that if there is no dino under the event drop, or flying around it, that it works like it’s supposed to. Tried it three times tonight. It worked every time.


OK. What you do is to find one with another dino within range of it. You select the other dino but opt out of darting it once the screen comes out (bottom left corner arrow button). What happens is the program needs time to render each layer and the 1st layer will come out first ie the background layer. Be prepared to hit the green supply drop cos that is the 2nd layer. If you do it fast enough before the 3rd layer comes out, you get to select the green supply drop instead of the dino on it. I collected all my coins and cash from it.
Update: I just tried and there is yet another method. Just battle but cancel out immediately. Keep tapping the area where the green supply drop is. Once the 2nd layer appears, you would have selected it instead of the dino.


+1 it’s definitely a bug


Noticed same thing last night


i can’t find the thread, but someone said if you zoom in all the way and then tap the green SD you can collect it. this worked for me, so give it a try.


Yes it’s annoying. I’m not really feeling these flyers n had to do drone just to remove it so I could get to the drop