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I just want to fill my incubator spots


It shouldn’t take me 2 HOURS to fill 2 spots. It really is ridiculous. I just want out of this stupid tournament since I know I’m not getting anywhere near top 500.


Lose on purpose. Put together a team of dinos youd like to try but cant win with and lose till you drop 1000 trophies. Then when you start again youll enjoy the game


The tournament is no different than regular battles unless you’re at least in the top 500. Nothing has changed except that people get tougher every day.


I did something similar last time …
If your spend the majority of the tournament with the forgotten Dinos, it’ll actually be more fun once you enter the competitive teir for your new team.

Once the end of the tournament was approaching, I used the DNA I’d collected to boost my A-team and I bounced right back up to the teir I “deserved”


I have been in Sorna for a month and just dropped 500 trophies today. It’s really frustrating and I’m even switching out my team to counter the dinos I’m facing. I think another solution would be to make all the arenas 500 trophies apart. To really separate the big guns from us little F2P people.


I play just to have fun. When I start a battle, I expect a loss. Typically I let slots dry up to my 8h overnight and then in the morning fight for the 10 win incubator. Doing so typically nets me full incubator slots in the end.

Unless you have level 30 dino, you can’t battle and win constantly without getting yourself into a tier that outclasses your team. That’s the wall. You have to lose some to win from that point.

Currently I am on a big win streak. 12 of my last 14 battles I have won. I find myself at 4864 trophy count. I look at every single person above and below me, 5-7 in each direction, and I see that my tiny team so does not belong where I am. I will lose many fights in the morning. It’s just how it goes once you climb above where your team should be.

You just need to find your personal happy place in the rankings that isn’t too far above your paygrade I think.


What a game, these people just said that realizing that being a loser is where it’s at and it’s better to use a crummy team and lose until you win is the path to victory lol


A negative person sees with negative eyes. Everyone hits a wall where they must either grind or spend money, both of those yield a gain followed by yet another wall. This is what we all face, its not meant to be easy or ensure everyone gets a trophy. We gave you advice about making the game fun for yourself again, take it or leave it, we’re not the 1st playing a game that frustrates us and Im pretty sure we’re all waayyyyyy past you.


I don’t know about others but I only battle purely for the incubators so it doesn’t really bothers me when I lose. The only thing I hate is when I am on a losing streak and my incubator slots are empty.
Guess what…I was in the top 500 last night right after I got the 12 hour incubator. Does this makes me wanna battle more? Nah…


Woke up and 8h was done. 4 empty slots. Just as I stated and as it should have been I had to fight 6 battles to obtain 2 incubators (1st was an 8h, I wanted a 3h to start the day). Started as I said at 4864 trophy count. Ended (still higher than my team should be) at 4841 trophy count ranked 132. I am definitely in a position that is higher than my team should be.

This is posting to prove a point, not crying as I am definitley not upset.

For those who don’t know, my highest is 26 Stegodeus, next 24 monomimus, 23 indo, 22 or less Junk from there down

1st opponent - level 26 Utarinex decimated my team
2nd opponent - high level everything, think I took one out maybe
3rd opponent - level 30 Stegodeus
4th - I won
5th - high levels I took out 2
6th - I won

Point is this. I am at a trophy count/ranking position that is far above my team composition. I should lose more than I win. I feel fortunate to have won the two I did. One evasive saved me. The other, I guessed better and got lucky as well.

Everyone screaming about multiple losses is simply due to them being too high in the food chain with kibbles and bits for a team where they are ranked. It is not solely do to RNG with evasive/cloak/dodge. Get to a ranking that suits your team and it should be a trade off of wins and losses.

Edit: stopped at 2 incubators because my 10 win timer is not done counting down yet haha.


I know it’s frustrating. But all of us have this problem except the top 2 people with 13k trophies lol. I keep going up and down at the 5k mark. The randomness of this game makes it very difficult to pin down where you should be. With my 4 best always getting rolled? Maybe I belong up here… but probably not against opponents also only rolling their top 4. From the moment we hit battle the luck fairies begin working. I personally don’t like the amount of luck there is in the game, but I’ve moved past it. Either Ludia changes it… or we just accept it as is. The other option is to uninstall. I’ve opted to accept the system as is and wait to see how things change. The game hasn’t even been out a year so it’s likely something will get moved around.

Also, people need to stop calling this a tournament, starting with Ludia itself. There is nothing different in the arena except that in 13 days they will snap shot where everyone is at and hand out rewards. This is a season


I think you should be able to opt into to tourney and if you aren’t in it, then have the ability to play AI. A team they is on a similar scale to yours so you can at least fill your spots. Or do a “tournament” for each arena. May help us in the lower arenas to stay motivated to play for something. Limit to type of dino in each arena or something like that.

I don’t mean to whine, it was just late and I was frustrated after dropping so many trophies and barely losing. I know RNG plays a factor, but I was not being nice to me last night. I was just trying to get my 8 hr so I could go to sleep.


I honestly would love similar level AI play. Only reason is simple. Since everyone made a huge raucous about unfair matches and Ludia “reworked the matchmaking system” it has now devoloped into the only real complaint I personally have against the arena system now. It can literally take me 10-15 minutes of waiting to find a “suitable” matchup. That delay is just sickening now. I could honestly care less about the tournament and would gladly opt out to get fast matches. Even if I lose the match I don’t care, as long as I can instantly get another match after. (Would also be nice to not see the same opponent 3-5 times in a row haha!!!

In closing to my earlier post. I was too high in trophies as I said. Took me 16 matches once my 10x win timer reset to get my 10 wins and 4 new incubators. That I don’t mind. The 3 10+ minute waits to find a fight during that arena run was a tad bit excessive.