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I just want to say thanks and what a great community this is

So in the early hours of this morning (I’m in the UK), I was hoping to get some luck with the Mortem Rex raid. And boy did I hit the jackpot!

And this is what makes this game so great.
These guys helped me out when they had already done the raid so had nothing to gain other than the happiness of seeing someone else get lucky!
What a lovely community.


Congrats! You’re halfway there. I can only hope to get that much.

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Well I hope you do @Qiew as I know you have helped others too :grinning:

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i’ve got 2 groups planned today. As long as RNG is in our favor both should defeat it.


I hope your luck is as good as mine was.


Congratulations, Schtemty! :smiley: :confetti_ball:

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Thanks @Ned, and if you hadn’t reached out and helped me recover my account a while back I wouldn’t have been able to do that!


Congrats! Loved REN & Stimpy back in the day. Was so happy when they found Stinky. And loved the horse neighbour


Nice flex bro