I keep crashing

So my vip is out and I have the money but it keeps not working and crashes idk if I will keep playing it will crash and the transaction won’t work @Keith please help

Send a message to Support with your Support key

I can’t I keep crashing

Send an email


It is fine now


Glad to hear that your game is working again.

@Keith, @Ned, or @Daven Not crashing but this ad:

When ever it comes up is a game killer, in that when this ad starts there is no linking to anything, as in the video for the ad plays but you can not click on anything, no link to the actual app it’s advertising and no link to click on when the video is over it just sits on this screen until you force close the app and restart the game.

I believe you guys are not in charge of the advertisements but passing it along so that hopefully something can be mentioned to someone that does.

On a side note I am not sure how this became an add that gets offered to me.

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Thanks for letting us know, @Sionsith.

I’ll relay the message to the team about this Happy Color - Coloring Games ad. :slight_smile:

Also, @Sionsith, on what device/platform are you running the game? This info will also help our team.

Thank you again! :slight_smile:

iPhone Xs iOS 14.2

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Not sure if you guys did something but tonight for the first time that ad actually worked and went through the whole sequence then I was able to exit after it was complete. got credit for the ad and got my second spin on the PvP wheel for 200 LP.

Edit, I take it back, the very next fight I got the same ad :frowning: and it didnt work again. It appears that one is formatted to fit my screen and display correctly through the whole add but the one with the issue is like it is zoomed in more than it should be and none of the screen links work except the ad choices link. lost the second spin on that battle :frowning:


Thx for the device/version and for the extra info, @Sionsith
I’ll forward it to the team, as well!

EDIT: Team has been advised. They’re working on the ad not appearing again in the game. Thanks again for the info, @Sionsith. :slight_smile:

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