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I keep facing the same players


So I’ve been stuck at 3600 trophies (approx) for a while now. I’m not finding epics like I used to and incubators seem determined to make me get a team of pterosaurs, so my team aren’t advancing as much as I’d like them to.

I’m guessing the same must be true for a lot of players though, because for the past few months (excluding the last tourney that I sat out) I’ve noticed the same usernames over and over again. I didn’t notice this at my last “stall arena” (Sorna Marshes), though. With over 5 million players on my platform alone, it feels weird to see the same 20-odd usernames pop up time after time again no matter what time I play.

Anyone else have a region they seem to be competing with the exact same users in?
…Maybe you’ve even made a friend after battling them so much? :joy:

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No friends, just invitations by pseudo-alliances and the desperate.

I found the world to be small on this turtle shell as well. I thought that was due to the hour and caliber of my fo.


I have this happen too. I was in Ruins for a while. I got a serious beatdown right before last tournament ended and got knocked down to 3700 trophies. I got back to Lockwood the other day and Im barely hanging on.

I’ve battled you a few times, I see @Evicton sometimes, and I battled @Piere87 twice yesterday.


I hope it was a good match! :slight_smile:

But yes I tend to see the same players a lot because I am battling around the same time every day and I guess they are as well. There are a couple that I have faced several times and kind of become a sort of a nemesis to me because I always lose to them :joy:


I think first day of tournament, your pool of players battling has diminished because some people have chosen to sit for a few days, to let ranks sort out a little before jumping back in.


We keep going back and forth, I’ll win, then you’ll win, then me, etc… :slight_smile:
Most of my battles are done at work 5pm-5 am EST


That sounds about right. I usually battle when I get home in the evening between 6 pm - 9 pm CST. I’m happy to know you have the same disdain for DG2 that I do so I know I’ll never have to face it when I battle you haha.

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I only recall seeing you once… but sometimes i click through to next match and miss seing who i played…lol


The feeling is mutual. Lol
I throw my Dracocetatops om my team every now and then, but its no Dracog2. :joy:

@Evicton I do that a lot too. If I’m frustrated from previous matches I don’t even want to see the name half the time. Lol

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I played the same team about 5 levels higher than mine 3 times in a row earlier and just gave up.