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I keep getting banned because your cheater detection system is complete and utter GARBAGE!

I sent an email to your GARBAGE support with my support key and game so they can review my account and see that I’m not cheating. But I got THAT email (“You have been banned for cheating, hacking blah, blah, blah…we won’t be speaking of this ever again”). I DIDN’T CHEAT!!! AND I NEVER WILL!!! Your cheater detection system is complete and utter garbage! Your banning real players who have never cheated at all and letting the ACTUAL cheaters play freely! Fix your stupid system, cause it’s so broken it needs to be thrown in a trash compactor! And if you say contact support, I can’t I’m “not entitled to support” like your stupid e-mail bot said.
I beg of you, do something instead of saying you can’t.

I had the exact same thing happen to me. I had been banned 2x before…and got a permanent ban the other day. I have been playing clean and fair! Can I please get an Admin or Moderator to direct message me so that this can be taken care of??? I have emailed support and nothing is being done! When someone spends a lot of money to support and invest in a game, this isn’t the way to treat them by saying “we won’t do anything further”. That is unacceptable!

what did the game ban you for doing?

Literally nothing. They ban you for no reason at all. They ban you because they think your a cheater, hacker or spoofer. Their playing God and banning whoever they want, I LOATHE them for this. LOATHE!

I think you are being a bit harsh with what you said.

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I would be outraged too, so this post is quite behaved in my opinion.