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I knew matchmaking was bad but what's this?!

If so, then why the hell did this happen??


Why do people keep doing this?! I won this fight even though I had nothing faster.

I have been touch with Ludia help& support regarding matchups and how they’re not equalized. They gave me the same explanation that the power score and trophy counts were Matched and matchups were just. What you see below is my team and apart from the two 23 you see, I have Thor at 24, 2/2/0. That’s the highest in my team. Check my opponent in the screenshots and my thoughts are, this is in no way a justified matchup and designed for me to lose and waste my time. This is just a design to take 30 points away from me. If so, just take it, why make me spend my time in pvp for that? I am curious as to how it uses the strategy or anything for that matter. Putting it out there to see whether I am the only one.

P.S: It was aviary


Its still going on at all levels. I want to know how I always seem to be at the lower end of it. If its so balanced and fair shouldn’t I be the higher ranked player 50% if the time?

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I’ve been hanging on for months in the hopes they fix it.
I don’t get how it could be this broke for so long.
You’ll always have the one or two people that need to be different and say it works fine.

The biggest issue is the nonsensical monthly reset that takes 5 weeks to settle out.

Seriously, there should be a normal spot where you settle and naturally fit, but that doesn’t sell boosts.

I feel like Lidia is treating us like a chicken farm, for best production ($$$) you keep them nervous so they continually feed by playing loud rock music with the lights always on. (I don’t care if the chicken thing is true or not… It’s an analogy)


Oh god, I’ve crushed some level one commons today as well

I was on the evil side of the coin today and I felt horrible. Level 21 and 22 team vs boosted 30s. Its not fair for them and has to be immensely frustrating. I swept them with my magna.

It always seems worse during tournaments… I feel like on weekends Ludia flips that switch that “widens” match making parameters so we don’t catch on that you can get the ai easily on weekends cause of tournaments… then people just farm easy incs and skip the tournaments.

Rip(Ten Characters)

It is tenoto weekend so it’s possible he made it recently… sorna is the start of the logjam where the bulk of the player base currently sits. Creation level unique aren’t that uncommon. Could be a dropper to I’ve fight more level 5 Dino’s today then I have in a long time.

Not that their is much you can do except know if you get matched like that again you get a free incubator your next match.