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I knew matchmaking was bad but what's this?!

Boosts really ruined the game.

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Why did I face this? Sure I came out on top but still

Why is matchmaking this bad? This is unfair? I was lucky enough to have the right downs to beat it and that most of my team is 26-27 but people in aviary would get bulldozed

Matchmaking isnt bad if players actually play properly and stop trying to cheese the matchmaker.

If they change the MM then you will get other kinds of unbalanced matches example: maxxed boosted lvl 26 to lvl 27s or teams with fodder dinos coupled with lvl 30s.

The solution is to stop droppers and make players wanna progress.

Your last opponent is there because lvl 29 to lvl 30 purebreds cannot compete with hybrids of a similar level.