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I knew Miragaia was tough

… But I had no idea they were indestructible!

And here I’ve been selling its DNA to Alliance members when I could’ve had a zombie. :wink:

Ah, well.


Miragaia, in slaughter… Welcome to paradise, soldier!

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Could this dino be a Nighwish, Ravensaurus :wink: ?

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serously this one really funny.
hope its just visual bug. because if its not, “zero-health” dino that still standing will definitely be the best dino ever😂

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My heart goes out to you on that. Having a glitch loss sucks so badly.

Well the good news is this is my “going down” team to drop arenas with currently, so my end goal is to actually lose trophies and a zombie Miragaia definitely helped with that. But if this was a real match I think I’d be a smidge disappointed! :wink: As it is it was kind of hilarious!

Wow I want mirigia back now!