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I know I won't stop your nerf threads, but at least stop one thing

Don’t call somebody a bad/horrible person just because they use a creature you personally don’t like. All you’re doing is calling somebody a bad person for using the best possible creatures they can. That’s just toxicity, and nothing more. I roll my eyes anytime someone makes a XXXX creature is too op nerf it now!!! thread, but this is what I have real issue with. I haven’t seen it in a little while, but I feel like it still needs to be said. That’s all.


Nobody is doing this. Most of the childishness and toxicity stems from people defending their overpowered dinos tooth and nail.

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Instead praise the one who doesn’t


I completely disagree with that statement. I’ve never once seen somebody be toxic while defending a creature on their team. You know what I have seen, multiple times in fact? People being immediately called out as a “bad person” just because they used Procerathomimus when she was still good. Or Indo Gen 2. Or Gemini. Or even DracoceRATops. That’s not to say at least some of these guys weren’t/aren’t an issue. But that doesn’t mean somebody is a bad person for using the best options available to them.

“Bad person” is silly it’s only a game… Don’t blame the players blame the game, and get them Dinos nerfed :wink:

I’ve seen it happen multiple times. People drone on and on about how bad and unskillful you are if you used pre 2.0 Indo G2 or Procerat

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I’m sure I’ve lost to indo G2 whilst the opponent wasn’t even there before, cautious striked to death… all in the past now though we got it nerfed

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And like I said. Most of them were/are an issue. I will defend Procerathomimus to my dying breath. The Christmas Ostrich is my favorite creature in this game, after all. Heck, it’s possibly my favorite fictional creature period. But even I was open to the idea of it getting a slight nerf. But that’s neither here nor there in terms of this topic. I just want the unnecessary toxicity to stop. :slight_smile:

No, I don’t believe you do. In saying that, you are completely going against the point of this thread. Now, to be clear. I was always adamantly against Dracoceratops back when it was super op, to the point where I didn’t make it until I came back after a half a year break and it wasn’t nearly as good anymore, even though it’s definitely still usable. But I would have never called somebody a horrible person just for using it. I honestly understand why people did. Swap-in shattering rampage was a very appealing ability, after all.