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I know it doesn't have much to do with the game itself but I decided to post

well I’m making a “manga” with some friends based on the game and turned the dinosaurs into melee weapons (but the bases I had to get from Pinterest, don’t judge me)

and I want suggestions and your opinion


The weapons for the Therazinosaurus and the Smilodon look really sick!

They look great, bonnie_wed_player_An!

This is a erlikosaur

Thanks you,ned^^

I think Megalosuchus needs one.
Nudge nudge wink wink.


what weapon would he be?

Oops, my bad wrong game

No clue lol.
I merely suggest the creature, leaving all creative decisions up to the one with the talent for it. I trust you :wink:
That is, if you feel inclined to do it.

Mega description describes a sabre tooth tiger wrapped in razor wire… decent material for an idea.

Ned could you please acknowledge Tuoramoloch in desperate need of attention…

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Shared with our team, InfernoCervantes. :+1:

Please. Don’t forget about Tuora

Tuora deserves better.

Tuora? (10 characters)