I know it's free dna but


Come on, every day its 260 stiggy gen 2 and 26 Barry gen 2 dna in the defeat creatures incubator… Irritator gen 2 in the battle incubators… All these people with really high legendaries and unique, do you just get for instance 1000’s of t rex a day or something instead of these useless ones?? That’s literally how I see it, say I open up a 24 hour and get 4000 irritator gen 2 dna, I just picture yours being 4000 T-Rex etc


I assure you that no one, regardless of player level or arena status, is winning 4,000 T-Rex DNA from their incubators. It just doesn’t happen. Yeah, players in Sorna Marshes get a ton of Gen 2 DNA that isn’t particularly useful, but we’re not the only ones, I assure you.

It takes a lot of time and grinding to get Legendary and Unique creatures. I’ve been playing since the global release in June and only recently unlocked Indominus Rex–a lot of players have had it for waaay longer than I have. Some players spend actual money on incubators, but generally speaking, it’s all about putting in that time—regardless of whether you spend money or are strictly free-to-play.

Put in the time to hunt dinos in your free time (making note of where and when Epics tend to spawn), put in the hours visiting showcase event drops, and you’ll slowly start to see improvements.

Best of luck!


Improve & level up your dinos. Get them to a higher arena so that you can collect other rubbish dna.


You’ll be glad you have all that dna when they eventually get hybrids. Hopefully they will be awesome and not just dex fillers.


No, you don’t :slight_smile: This guy here has 2 hybrids, but it is still hopeless. And we get tons of his dna every day…


Maybe suchotator or diplotator will get unique hybrid. All I’m saying that you’ll never know when someone gets awesome legendary or unique hybrid and which will be meta relevant


I would love a suchotator hybrid even if it was just a epic.
Since his buff he has been a mainstay on my team just because he is versatile