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I know the forums been on fire but one more suggestion


So I know the past little bit the forums have been an inferno of anger- but I have a suggestion on the side-nothing to do with the nerfs. About the Dailey challenges. I understand that the more you complete them each day, the harder they get in exchange for more alanqa dna. I’ve heard many people say that they don’t bother to complete them anymore or the challenges are too hard to complete and to be honest until today I didn’t really understand any of that to the full extent. Today was the first day I was free from classes and or any responsibilities that would make me be commuting to my college on a Dailey basis. When you are a passenger in a vehicle for 30+ min you cover a lot of ground and have no trouble completing achievements like the get 40 something supply drops. However if you were to walk that or bike it it takes wayyy more time, and you just don’t always have an opportunity to be a passenger in a car. Some people I’ve heard about busing just for the game but I feel like that’s kinda extreme especially when they drop u off some place an hour away from home and u gotta wait for another bus to get back-respectable dedication non-the-less. My point is I enjoy this game and grew attached to it because it was a game that didn’t require you to be on it half of the day to be a top player, the game was about exploring outside and pulling out your phone once in awhile to collect dna from a Dino. With some current aspects the most efficient way to play is sitting in a car for a hour or two at a time and I’m not sure that that’s the purpose you folks had in mind. Anyways I know you guys got ur hands full and I most certainly do appreciate everything you guys do put forward for this game but I just wanted to bring to awareness that the game in someways requires efficiency that means either sitting in a vehicle for an hour or two or go on 3-4 hour hikes, both on a Dailey basis to find a decent amount of supply drops or epics. All that to be among the most successful players. I apologize if the majority disagrees but that’s just how I feel as a person who transitioned from being in a vehicle everyday to more of a walk around the neighborhood and park guy.


Very well done! :clap:

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Well said. :slightly_smiling_face: