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I know this isn't necessary but it'll be cool if they add this!


They should really add Arena battle emotes! Like if your opponent does a good play on you, you can tap on a bubble that’ll bring up some emotes and one of emotes can be like “Well Played” or something like that or when you finish a match you can say “GG” or something! It’s just a thought that came to mind since ya know they added “Friending”.


YES yes a 100 times yes! When you fight an amazing, intense match that you really enjoy, you want to at least show some recognition to your opponent. Just a few emotes would do the job. Also, we need some sort of chat or message system with our friends, not just the option to check their teams and battle. Add those two things and the social aspect of this game would be neat.


No, no and no. This isn’t clash royale for christ sakes!