I Know What You Did Last Summer


Hello, What’s Your Story Forum Staff, Players and hopefully soon friends. My name is Mark and I recently started playing a few of the stories like Baywatch and 90210 (I can’t wait to read Scream! I’m trying to perfect the most hilarious, but creepy killer voice! :joy:) reading them out loud and it was so much fun so I found out how to record it and I did, I am so excited to share some of my Story Time with you all! This game has been beyond hilarious and such a good time. I will gladly support the game for as long as you allow us to enjoy your content, xoxo.


Hey Mark!
Thank you for your awesome videos. We enjoy them very much!
Can’t wait to see more!!


Oh my gosh! Thank you! I’m so glad you like them! It’s really your content, but I try to add a bit of my own flair. I am having such a great time with the game! xD