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I know you hate it too

Yeah, I always read here that speed ties are a problem and they indeed are. It is absolutely unfair that some countries with better internet connection will ALWAYS win speedties, no matter if you tap on the move faster than the light, the opponents always win that. I have been playing since tournament started and there was not a single speedtie I won. Please do something about it. Set a 3 seconds timer and let the RNG decide it, because at least a 50%(on theory) chance of winning is a lot better than a 0% chance


Yeah, just lost a match I was winning to a speed tie. My Internet is unpredictably unreliable, so I don’t need another way to lose medals apart from the usual connection issue unresponsive nonsense.


Totally agree! It’s gotten so bad that I think I’m already done playing in this tournament already… :sweat:

Speed ties
Glitches in game
Lost connections
Ludia still doing nothing
Did I miss anything???.. oh yeah pink screen that then kicks me out :weary:

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Definitely like the delay and letting rng decide, but only if Ludia fixes their rng algorithm. It’s not well balanced right now imo.

The tournament is already getting ridiculously tedious.

Win 1 match, lose 2 to speed ties. Win 2 matches, lose 1 to RNG. Win 1 match, lose one to speed ties and RNG. Win 1 match, lose one to speed ties. And on and on and on and on.

And that’s if you’re lucky with no big connection issues.


Living in NZ atm, last time I won a speedtie, it was because my opponent was disconnected.

Even if tournament are promising, I never play more than my 10 takedowns because of it, it’s quickly too frustrating.

[You really need to fix it, even the only solution we had before become impossible because of the covid situation. (Moving to Canada) ]

Truth for connection lost often

AG totally