I laugh at the thought that stegoceratops losing speed will somehow make it less of annoying


Stegoceratops doesn’t need to lose speed it needs to lose power


And it gained more armor. Glad I didn’t use my dNA on Monosteg.


Ill keep fusing on mine.


Yes, it’s quite laughable. It’s actually buffed.


Can you provide a link to this please? I didn’t see it in the little announcement they made yesterday. Would like to see some solid patch notes. :slight_smile:


You will find extra details in triangles that expand into more text.

Just tap in the announcement thread.


Thank a bunch. <3 I’ll do that.


Of course this spd decrease won’t influence Stegocera a lot.
But due to it doesn’t got self-cleanse, which contained in Superiority Strike for Stegodeus & Tragodistis.
I still think ver.1.4 will let Stegocera been harder to survive than other top tier tanks.


Why so? The speed status doesn’t seem to change much its performance in top meta than it is now, but it got armor buffed. So in all, the way I see it is a buff.


He was slowest than armor breaking dinos anyway and he have decelerating skill so, not much change, i think is a buf since he gained more armor lol


That’s what I think also. It just got buffed and the problem I’m trying to bring to their attention is that dinosaurs that have stun moves don’t need to be hitting as hard as other dinosaurs. They should need to hit you 4 or 5 times in order to take a dino out. It is still going to out power imnue dinosaurs so still same old problem.


Yup it’s sad they didnt fix any of these epics that can wipe the floor with their legendary counter parts.


Yup, or decrease its survivability. Not increasing it.


Yup my gf ans I are so close to quitting just bc every update avoids balancing these dinosaurs. Who cares about going after super hybrids when you can get stuff from commons ans rares that stop the others. I bet this new legendary given to newbies will be right up there with stegoceratops and Gorgosuchs. Smh


Not gorgo lol, she is pretty much dead soon


Dang, I was hoping for a complete nerf of the stegoceratops so I could take it off my team. It would make room for the legendary raptors, after their new buff. Been holding off on leveling the stego past lvl 21, but I may continue leveling it up now. Stegodeus needs the nerf immediately though, it’s still a wrecking machine.


The Epics being better than their Legendary fuses is just bonkers. To still have epics in top teams in place of Legendarys is ridiculous.

Was really hoping this would be resolved this update :frowning:

Was saving my stegaceratops DNA for Mono in case they balanced stegacero… guess it’s still best to keep on putting it into the epic rather than the legendary…?


i use monostego i dont use stegoceratops so i guess thats a personal choice of what you think is better.


Oh really? So still worth putting my DNA into that and seeing? (I don’t have it yet you see)


mine is level 21 and i find it to be very usefull. i get some good crits with her.