I like how the MODs here only link threads to existing threads and dont solve said threads


Do you guys actually do things? Or just sensor free speech? Curious :thinking:


Moderators aren’t here to solve our problems with the game.

They’re here to make sure the forum operates smoothly: moving/merging threads, locking topics if they become non-constructive, approving posts hidden by the automatic filter etc.


Free speech? Mods don’t care here. And the forum members just cry and complain about the same topic without even looking for it in the search button. Oh yeah and don’t call someone a liar on here or they’ll cry n flag your post lol with their white knights to defend them.


You really do live up to your name, and yet you talk like you deserve something here. Hm.


See… Called it. Lol


I’m not so sure I’d be proud of it as you are. :wink:


Awww no one cares but you pox :wink:


You’re both beautiful now quit filling the thread list with this garbage post. Modders literally do nothing for ludia but keep the peace here. They have no say in what they do, and I’m pretty sure they dont even bring things to ludia’s attention. Now go play with with something else to complain about.


Yes, mods are forum moderators, and not the same as devs (developers). Mods don’t usually have the same full knowledge of code within a game that devs possess.

Complaining to mods doesn’t have a very high success rate, since they can’t actually go in and fix the game. However, they can pass our requests for game fixes along to the devs… and that’s pretty much all they can do in that regard.