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I like my stupid rat

Let’s face it. everyone hates proceRATomimus. Besides me, I guess I am weird. He is just so FLUFFY. He is also one of the best revenge killers on my team. But I do agree that he needs to be reverted back to what he originally was. Also, I boosted him to get 1200+ attack just to annoy my opponents. Umm, yes a perfect rat.


Everybody has their own tastes

I also TOTALLY miss those sewer rats being able to do a swap in defense shattering rampage. It TOTALLY didn’t deserve that nerf.

I like my raccoon. Sometimes not even Lord Lythronax can save the opponents from its swap in.
Screenshot_20200423-183847 Screenshot_20200419-020820 Screenshot_20200422-232148


~Scratches head~
I like messy over-filled burritos.
Not everyone does, but it’s the perfect comfort food.


I love my Christmas Ostrich. She’s my favorite hybrid! :yum::yum::yum:


I like my rixis all the same! Love when people choose weird wacky stuff for their teams

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I’m leveling up Postosuchus, for my team, and for tourneys. That turn 1 damage really is helpful, man… Lol

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I need my rat repellent. I personally try to not use rats on my arena team.

I know that Dracoceratops and Procerathomimus can be very problematic hybrids to deal with, but I do admit that I am glad I have both. I like to think that I have a strike tower team (that is always changing – you never know who might end up emerging as the hero), a friendly battle team, arena team, and a tournament team. Especially in the epic boss strikes, Procerathomimus and Dracoceratops can come in really handy and I would hate for them to lose their usefulness for that reason.

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