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I like stat boosts!

Personally I love em! I dunno what it is… maybe it’s the power to have a 140 speed diorajasaur with lots of buffs!
What do you think about them?

I like them, too. But eventually we all end up right back where we were before stat boosts arrived, with maxed creatures and speed ties.


When we are all tier 10 it might make playing new team members without boost impossible.

But currently the power… :bomb::radioactive:

Gonna make Rexy a permanent member.

I like them too. But I can’t battle normally

Does anyone know how many stat boosts it costs to get to level 10 in one trait?

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A lot of time or a lot of money

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I was really on the fence and even hated the idea at first but I see the potential now. It’s been a godsend in letting my Legendary super-hybrids keep up with my Uniques without going through as much of a DNA sink. I think the whole system needs a tweak though since match-ups don’t change if everyone can just get rank 10 in all stats. But it’s also nice to be able to climb up a bit since Ive been in a DNA drought and not as active.