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I like the rewards for the modded battles

Just casually doing battles and well

And before the first diplotator my strongest was only a lvl 20 ALANGASAURUS


Wait until you get Rajastega!


Looks like you are early into the game,keep grinding,that is how I got my 3 Rajastegas and Spinoraptors,I used to grind at least 8 Modded PvP everyday ,now I grind about 24-30 Regular PvP everyday. I have a tip,use your first creature as a level 1 Triceratops,next up , any creature you like that is significantly good for battle in your eyes,or it fetches good rewards,and finally another level 1 Triceratops,as the level of the reward is determined by the strongest creature in your team, it will help,when you are not sure what to do,Swap one of the Triceratops in and reserve,use the 2 Triceratops to reserve points for your best Dino.

Complete as many missions as possible and do lots of expansions,once you reach level 50,you will not need missions to level up,as they become worthless after level 50,I have only levelled through the experience I get from Decorations since I reached level 50,I am at level 72,and I reached level 50 a month back,I have not completed a single mission to level up 22 levels in a month,it may seem slow to you,but later on,it is pretty decent.

@anon43877113 is right, I also stopped taking missions seriously after level 54 unlocked John Hammond statues for me.

@RaptorGang at one point of the game, you’ll find yourself getting a lot of coins, but right now, coins are very essential for you at level 30. When you do get the coins, I would recommend the John Hammond Memorial or Apatosaurus Fossil tactic.

The John Hammond Statue tactic is used when you buy a lot of those statues, collect XP and sell them.

The Apatosaurus Fossil is a better one, though it requires 200K more coins for each than the JH ones. Buy as many as you can, collect XP but do not sell them, keep them stored in the market, and you’ll find jaw-dropping Coins, Food and DB trades for it. Each AF gives around 1.6-1.9K Coins/500 Dino Bucks/800K food.

Also, level up at a rate which is comfortable for you. But first, make sure you’ve unlocked all Commons or Rares that circulate in the Monday events. Note that some creatures do not have unlock events, you’ll need to gain them from Prize Wheels or Card Packs, so be sure to get everything before you get to level 55 and above.

Good luck! :smiley:

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Apato fossil is only at level 49,Hammond at 54. Till then missions and expansions are useful.