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I like the stats boost idea, however

A restriction of total boosts can be used on 1 dino compares maxing all attributes if possible, may sound better? The former leads players to plan strictly and build the team based upon it, the latter is a direct translation of who has more boosts just like who has higher level dinos. Though in the beginning it will be fun, as everyone fights everyone else in different diversities. But people will feel tedious again once every dino is attributes maxed.
Ludia you may need to think about it, don’t wait until more people who spend tons and say the same thing.


I like the idea too. It adds a random element to battles without it being more RNG. Battles won’t be simply black and white, which is good.

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Ludia support best be ready for a influx of tickets once the Release comes out. There are going to be a lot of speed questions in arena.

‘The speed indicator is still incorrect!!!’

‘My XXX is two level higher than theirs, but they got to go first, why?’

‘Their dino shows as two speeds slower than mine and they got to go first, why?’