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I literally


…face the same dinos in every single battle. If i did 10 battles i would usually win at least 6. Over the last month ive dropped down 2 arenas and am still battling the same dinos. It’s getting kind of boring. I dont mind losing as its only a game but im curious how the people in arena 4 have the same dinos as the people in arena 6…oh well.

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Just curious do you use those same dinos? Winning 6 of the 10 would probably take you higher on the charts not lower. Either way try switching up your team to avoid the boredom.


I switch up my team pretty often for the reason you mentioned but ive been playing since day one and only have two legendary. Ive had multiple battles in a row where i never even got a turn. Ive definitely found other ways to entertain myself but the battles are getting frustrating. My brother has been playing for a few months and has double the trophies i have and his excuse is “i work on a college campus so i get tons of coins and dinos etc” which doesnt add up to me because i work at a much bigger university.


Sounds like ur losing alot to meta dinos and that u arent using meta dinos. Maybe try uaing relevant dinos and ull probably see ur win percentage increase