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I live in Canada, parks are currently N/A

There is already many, many post on here complaining about how unfair and terrible the park spawns are in this game, but living in Winnipeg, Canada, I can’t even access parks.

The average temperature from the last month has probably been around -40 degrees Celsius/Fahrenheit and there is at least 3-4 feet of snow covering the ground in every park I’ve seen. If I wanted to actually go walk around in a park I’d need to rent a snowplow and then walk around bundled up like I’m about to attempt to climb Everest to resist ending up as an icy variation of one of Medusa’s victims.

Though even then, I’ve been told that the park spawns are so poor that you can’t even find any dinos that are worth anything, even with epic scents.

In conclusion, Dracoceratops is OP and I want a vacation somewhere tropical and warm.


If it serves as a consolation, on the shores of the Mediterranean we do not see the snow at all and the temperature is pleasant … the problem is that it seems that here there are no parks in summer or winter. Possibly this is not the fault of the game if not google maps but it is very annoying to know that a large number of creatures (eg Darwin) will never see them. I have nodosauro and apatosauro in large quantities but I only see Stegodeus for two months from far away on the train when I pass near the riverbank, which curiously if it is a park for the game.

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Where abouts are you? I drive through Kildonan Park once a day typically and its amazing. There is next to nothing there!!

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I live in Transcona so there are no parks anywhere nearby, drivable ones that is. I’ve been to Kildonan & Assiniboine park and it’s like you said, absolutely barren. I currently have no incentive to drive 20-40 minutes to a park when the possible spawn pool is so massive that even with scents it’s a waste of time and money.

That sucks to hear! Park spawns are just problematic in general imo for that very reason.

Just deleat parkspawns and make them local and global…

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Same… Canada is cold… But on the bright side, at least we have parks… I know many friends who live in the U.S.A. with no parks, which must be worse than just not being able to access them during winter

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Its not related with cold or hot, even snow or non-snow. i live in asia here, hot weather with zero winter. yet my park spawn is still ridiculous, as not all map in this world has park or grass.

this suffer is like ludia is saying to me “i give this special DNA to all, except you”.

Ludia. please delete all park spawn and back to normal zones.

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