I’ll do the Dinos you request

Pls suggest a Dino hybrid or regular Dino . Also your max request’s are 3 .:t_rex::lizard::sauropod::sauropod::sauropod::t_rex::t_rex::t_rex: ( also I’ll put a thing up showing all the things you requested,and at the end which ever one is most loved will be my new profile pic!!) Also I’m only doing 36 requests ok. Also I will make regular Dinos if you request a regular Dino (that’s not in game .) oh and other prehistoric life !!

Make a human… I want humans fist fighting dinosaurs to be a non cannon part of the Jurassic World franchise


I second that!
Somethin I didn’t even know I wanted until reading your comment :joy:

It must be a hybrid or a prehistoric creature, that isn’t a homo sapion

Megalosaurus + Monostegotops
Nasutoceratops + Monolometrodon
Einiosaurus + Tarbosaurus

Sure , those are some great ideas that I’ll be doing in a literal minute !!!

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Are u done with my requests?

I’ve done two !!!

Ouranosaurus + phorusaura

Albertosaurus + elasmotherium

Ok I’ll do it

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Guys you can do animals alive today mixed with a Dino , or you can ask for a prehistoric creature!!!

Albertosaurus + Rinchicyon

Allosaurus (Gen2) + Scarlet Macaw (or king fisher)

And ur own redesign of parasauthops

Ok I’ll start sot

Acrocanthosaurus + Carnotarkus
Ur redesign of Megalogaia
Indoraptor + Stegodeus

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