I’ll draw some hybrids or any other dinosaurs/ancient animals

I’ll draw hybrids though I’m not as good at drawing mammals btw

Just give me ideas and what you want in the animal and I’ll do the rest

Allodesmus + Dimetrodon

No need to rush it

Sorry I was doing homework, I made it with brown and gray cause I didn’t know what color it is, and hints of orange on it sail and made its jaws and teeth like dimetrodon


Anyone else have an animal idea?

What about a Carcharodontosaurus and Dunkleosteus hybrid?

Thordorlosaur + acrocanthops

Hey holypoly land or aquatic

Theropod body/Land


That was weird cause I had to fit such large jaws on a theropod frame


Does anyone have any other ideas?

Andrewsarchus + Hatzegopteryx, with a Hatzegopteryx body.

Hybrid between Thor and testa?