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I"ll draw your hybrids im really good and quick!

Tell me your recipe for the hybrid and ill draw it.(Take note:it has to be oringinal!)

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Hmmm…, Trykosaurus + Spinosaurus DNA?

Hope it’s original!

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it is ill work on it.

I can’t wait for this bad Boi!

it will take until 12:30

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I got one: Eremoceros + Tryostronix

I tried it but it turned out bad:

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ill try that

Better than what I can do:
Hybrid of Muto Ghidorah And Godzilla

It’s called Muzorah. It also has a prime version (basically like a king bee) I couldn’t find the image but there ain’t many differences. Only Wing shape changed And Blades for its front legs.

Next one is Mechanical Zilla:

Anyways continue ur topic.

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Kind of a while but I don’t care. I’ve had ones, That have taken Days, two that started Between April 10 And 20, and are still going.


Now THATS a beauty. thank you so much!

Also welcome to the forums My Dude!

But I’m still trying to Be nice.

Thank you!Btw you can use this in anything

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Alright, this will be among my favorites, Coming in third place.

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Another beauty. Or should I say terror? She has a Creepy reputation Like her creepy parent trystronix the mummy.

It looks really cool! Thank you so much!

Also, try not to let your dinos have “2d syndrome”. It means having only one limb, like one leg or one arm. Try to do another limb behind that limb, but moved a little or in a different position.

Uintavenator (Ichthyovenator base x Uintatherium horns, sabers and skin)

Can I do stats?

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