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I"ll draw your hybrids im really good and quick!

For suchomimus)

Eh, go ahead.

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Stats: 5092 health, 1792 health.

Attacks: Buck kick, deal 2092 attack, Slowing your enemy down.
Defense and attack: deal 1762 attack, And Get shield.
Stampede strike: Deal 1792 attack, Decrease enemy speed And break shield.

Terrify: Do a roar, causing enemy to switch out to their weakest Dino.

And finally: Herd protection: gain shield, and increase health.

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Interesting, well I’ll request these two:
Spinoconstrictor + tryostornyx
and maybe
Ovilophosaurus + mortem
please, take as much time as u need


What do you mean by that?

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That means Don’t Get original hybrids from the game For example if I tell him to draw Spinotasuchus He wouldn’t make it because that’s not original

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