I’ll let you do the math:

Have gotten this exact combo from 24 hour arena incubators 2-3 times:

image image

What are the odds ?

There are a total of 27 epics
Now assume there is an equal chance of getting an epic based on how the game is programmed:

(1/27)(1/26) = 1 out of 702 chances of getting this combo

Now have it happen again exactly the same way:
1 out of 492,804

Let’s go a step further: consider how many other players frequently get even just one of these two Dinos in their incubators.

It is glaringly clear that the RNG in incubators is riggged as an equal distribution of epics would not consistently provide the same recurring results


Blunt question @Jorge

“Is there an equal chance of getting every epic Dino in an epic incubator?


I know you’ve seen this post because to your claim, you “review every flagged post.” And this has been flagged plenty and most times you tag a moderator in a post, it gets flagged anyway … as an earlier iteration of this has.

So since I know you’ve seen it, please answer the question:

“Are the chances of getting any epic from a 24-hour epic incubator equal?”


I’m pretty sure the % is different for each epic, similar to the way it’s done in JWTG for legendary packs. Some are 4% some are 5% and 1 is 6%

Tinfoil hat time
There is also this ‘equation’ that is done in other games,not saying it is in this game because honestly i don’t know.
But the first box/incubator you buy has good stuff in it (i.e trex) to encourage you to buy another.
Once you have bought x amount the algorithm recognises that that the hook is set and you are likely to keep buying out of frustration to get what you want.
My past 4 ‘free’ non specific (counter attacker,immunity etc not included) have had absolute rubbish epic dna.


Ohh makes complete sense… it’s the same technique used in slot machines.

Look at the trend though:
People are buying incubators and not getting the Dinos showcased on them.
Plus the rubbish we get from the arena incubators anyway.

The only ones I’ve bought were the ones that went on sale with the pteranodon launch…

No way in h311 I’d consider buying any with the way Ludia operates.

Needless to say, I’ve canceled my VIP.
Too much money gouging and shady manipulative tactics.

I’m here to have fun, not get taken advantage of


Not another flagged comment😂
Nice workaround!
Exactly i am of the same mind. My frustration makes me not want to buy anything more. Sadly it does have the desired effect on others, which is why lootboxes are so prevalent in all games these days.
There is maybe only 2 companies i have any respect for in this regard.
1.cd projekt red who are outright against microtransactions
2. Digital extremes who run the f2p game warframe.
They are great example of morality in gaming. They implemented a feature to randomise a pets colours and some guy spent x amount of money in the space of a couple days and rather than think ‘ooh we can do this with more things ingame and make a lot of money’ they removed it from the game saying they didn’t want that to happen.
I don’t know about you but a developer doing that makes me want to spend money on their game and support them!


Heres the link of anyone is interested in reading it


Haha, I don’t even know what that was flagged for. Don’t care … with each additional flag, I’m getting close to the uninstall button :joy:

And For sure!
I am more likely to spend on a company that prioritizes quality and user satisfaction/experience over draining its customers.

I do feel bad that there are people who play this game (and even on this forum) that have fallen victim to this and thrown out hard earned cash.

I’m working on a masters business degree right now from a global top-15 university and these are the things they teach against … if you want your company to last anyway.


Even flappy bird was pulled due to addiction.


Read your article… Haha exactly what I’m talking about.
Taking advantage of impulse, hope and naiveness just like slot machines


That is the problem with business today. Quickest way to make money, make our quarterly reports look as good as possible,who cares what they look like next year.
Mobile phones are another example, how much do they really improve in a year? Do we really need a slightly better model to be released? Why not spend 2 years and give the consumer something twice as good. Doing it yearly loses the ‘wow this has really revolutionised the industry’ factor.
Sometimes companies forget who actually are the ones paying their wages for them!
And well done to you😀 maybe ludia will read this and give you a job to help them sort it out😉

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Bahah… case in point:

I just got last years iPhone X…

Do I really need the extra 1m of waterproof capability and the negligibly faster processor that has a techy futuristic name from this years model…no thanks

Actually Got 2 iPhones X for the price of one XS

Now my sister is happy too :joy:


Well, good morning :joy:

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This is extraordinary…
@Hersh never like this… :thinking:

I’m behind you bro… :+1:

Lately I’ve taken the don’t bother stance. I’ll laugh at everything. Less stress.

  • loss 20 battles in a row; won 5 - laugh;
  • dinos got nerfed - laugh;
  • got thrash in the incubs - laugh;
  • dinos spawn inside the strike tower - laugh;
  • got 10 DNAs per Unique fuse 10x in a row - laugh.

The game has become a laughing stock…:rofl:


I think you are focusing too much on the probability of two independent events to happen. Each one is as likely as another and the previous result don’t determine the next one.

I just gathered some opening I found around and what did they got?

  • 1 mono
  • 1 t-rex
  • 2 ankylo
  • 1 koola
  • 1 sino
  • 2 raja
  • 1 seco
  • 1 blue

Quite not the same distribution right?
Record you 10 next 24h incubator and maybe we would see something off (and not only the ones that are off ofc).

You know my point is not they can’t alter probabilities of course they can if they want but two points stand against :

  • it will be hard to prove since they are not so many 24h incubators (still possible with a sample complete and with enough data)

  • what’s the point for Ludia seriously? Why would they care about giving you 200 dna of whatever epic every 2 weeks or so?? It’s barely 4 fuses that will net you barely 80 hybrid dna that’s only 1-2 fuse for the super hybrid if applicable. I honestly think they don’t care at all :sweat_smile: I get more in a 30min commute

Ah and If you are looking for specific dna that you call “useful” then probabilities are not the same at all :wink:


Obviously Rigged arena incubators.
People claiming False showcase dinos on in-store incubators.
Misleading scent towers on the Halloween event.

There’s a lot left to be desired

@quakeur :joy: glad you finally got all that out mate.

I’m glad we agree that the odds of distribution for epics can be programmed and may not necessarily be equal across the board :wink::sweat_smile:

I challenge this statement

He’s talking statistics-wise, not any particular algorithm. He’s just stating probability a law.

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