I’ll make any hybrid request

Just ask me to make any concept for a hybrid and I’ll do it…

Why have so many people made a hybrid or creature requests thread?

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Anyways indom g2 + alloraptor

Do you want like an Indoraptor Gen 3 or a raptor or an Indom rig

This please

That quote did not go well imma edit that

Nasutoceratops + Monolometrodon

Here’s the concept

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Here’s the concept

Sorry forgot the description
The bulky pelycosaur Nasutometrodon has developed an interesting symbiotic relationship with a few hybrid flocks, like Tarbognathus, Compsocaulus, or Sinokotaraptor. After the Nasutometrodon has taken down its prey and eaten its fill, it will allow the smaller carnivores to scavenge the carcass. In return, the tiny carnivores will eat parasites and biting insects that plague the Nasutometrodon. The status and health of a Nasutometrodon can be determined by the number of tiny theropods following it. Individuals of this species complete for food, territory, or mates by locking their frills and twin horns together in a contest of strength.

Next:Indoraptor + Stegodeus

Dakotaeinios: Dakotanops x Einiosaurus (Determined (Cunning-Resilient); Gorgonops base)

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@EpicThoradolosaur983 I added a description for Nasutometrodon

Alloraptor + Carnotaurus
Dromaeosaurid rig