I’ll make icons for your custom abilities!

I will make icons for pretty much any custom abilities you show.

Note that there are some abilities I will NOT make. For example a mechanic you made up,
or a move with 6 and over mechanics. And note that every month I will be making a certain type of move.

This month’s type is…

Basic Moves!

So as long as you don’t make any overpowered basic moves, then I’ll make it!

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And these too please

2 aren’t basic moves

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I didn’t read the top post so my bad.



Good one, I was about to do them anyways :sweat_smile:

It looks more like cleansing distracting strike than cleansing cunning strike.

could you do these two for me when you have the time
could fatal blow have some trike horns if possible

I only make basic moves for now.

Could you do Persistent Heavy Strike?

Can you do these please

Bruh ,just saw the fact that only Basic moves are being done

Is this acceptable?