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I’ll make your hybrid

Hello, In this thread I want you to comment your hybrid… Example:

Hello @Spino_Dude, Can you make this hybrid: (Creature) + (Creature)?

I reply with: Sure! It will be named This: (Name), and it would have these features: Blah blah blah.

Note: I CANNOT draw them, I only do Their names, features, and possibly Attacks and stats.

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Hello @anon6942716, can you create this hybrid?

Gailmimus & Indominus Rex? (Sorry If I made spelling mistakes)

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It’s fine, Galimimus is Known to be spelled in wrong ways.

So, The Indominomimus (meaning: Indomitable Mimic).

It’s features: Red Quills, White Body, Long spikes, Long neck, Spiky Tail, Quills on it’s hands.

It’s Stats: 3259 Health, 1570 Attack.

It’s attacks:

Blurring speed: Cloak, Increase speed, Do 1570 Attack.

Blood-Gashing Claws: Slow Down Opponet, Do lethal Attack. (Bleed). Attack: 1652

Murdering in fear: Do 2678 Damage, But MUST swap In. 15% Chance of Not swapping in.

Scared of a Turkey: Deal 1253 Damage, Forcing the enemy To swap Out.


Hello @anon6942716, Can you make Amargasaurus + Spinosaurus Gen 2?

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@Suchomimid, Yes.

Name: Spinorgosaurus meaning: Spine of amarga. (i think).

It’s features: Quadreped/Biped Movement, Spine running down head to tail, Black color then fades into red as it goes up. More: Long neck, Crocodile Snout, Webbed Feet and arms.

Stats: 4758 Health, And 1952 Health.


Drown: Deal 1952 Damage, “Drowning” It’s enemy. (Make it lose Health slowly).

Run with the herd: Deal 1523 damage, Swap out, Then Automatically return after 20 seconds.

I am Boss: Deal 2053 Damage, Forcing the enemy to swap Out. While the enemy is swapped it, It loses another 2053 Health, But if the opponent Brings back that creature, It will be immune For 25 seconds.

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It’s too O.P.

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I would’ve thought you would’ve gone for “Amargospinus”. But what I want to know is if you would create move sets for hybrids of creatures not in-game?

Yeah, I think you got that from a toy…

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You thought correctly. And for my question?

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Yeah I can do that.

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Here’s how the toy looks like (it was redrawn by other people):


Good because I wanted to give Amargospinus a super-hybrid. @anon6942716 , do you think you could make me a Spinorgosaurus (Amargospinus) and Gigantspinosaurus hybrid?

Hmmm… I’ll see…

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Hybrid of giga to spinosaurus and And Amargaspinus.

Features: Theirizinosaurus Animation and body shape; Spikes jutting out like a touromoloch,
Colors: White, then fades into black, then cyan as it goes up.

It’s stats:

3572 Health, 1752 Attack


Bellow of the beast: Forces your opponents creature to switch out, Then the swapped in creature will be slowed down. 25% chance of not swapping out.

Stamped of claws: Every creature in your opponents Team will lose 1258 Health.

Shield shredder: Deal 1982 Attack; The affected creature Cannot use anything that lowers your attack for the rest of the match.

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Why is that?

DNA of A crocodile that walks on two legs and has a spine

easy…sloth and thor but with a defence shaterign counter :stuck_out_tongue:

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Did you Read The ENTIRE Thread?


Features: Kaprosuchus animation (Except its gigantic).

A frill, Of course, and fur… It has very sharp claws, And a medium Tail. It has spikes running Down its hole Body, And it has the Wooly rhino Styled-Horns. Colors: Greyish White (Also known as “Dirty white” In My culture. (Arabic)). It has Black diagonal Stripes, And the top of its body It’s yellow… It’s feet are lime green.

Stats: 4952 Health, 1239 Attack.


Rock Pound: Basically Defense shattering, Except that The creature affected by The attack Cannot Use any more shields. Does 1239 Attack.

Roarin’ Rampage: Causes opponet “Fear”. (Switches into their weakest creature). Does 1582 attack.

Bleeding pound: Does 2839 Damage, Then causes enemy to slow down And bleed over time.

Moss cover: it’s covered in moss, so basically it’s just stealth.

Roaring in fear: Roars at Opponet, Causing them To realize that This boi is going to be hard to beat, so they lose motivation and slow down. The Sloth box then switches out into your Strongest (Or second strongest) Creature.

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This is also so O.P.!
Almost 5000 On the basic health and a specific attack that can Do over 2000 Damage!