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I Lost 15 battles in a row


I drop from 4125 to 3800 just now.

How was your day?

after 15 opponents, I fight low level opponent and win easily yeay!

imaging that easy opponent is the same as me losing the battle streak LOL.

What a Torture continue to other player.

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ya, I’ve had a couple slides like this during this tournament. I had to swap my team around and have had slightly better luck. I find I’m in the exact same trophy count and need a lvl24 Stego to compete.

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I am with my record with the trophies fall today. I didn’t count number of battles but I drop from 3800 to 3200. I decided to battle until I win at least one battle… and I didn’t until I dropped to 3200.


Won 1 and lost 7 then won 2 and lost another 2 before winning my last one. What a miserable day. Been meeting a lot of opponents with dinos that is way over leveled at where I am now (44XX trophies). I even had to fight a lvl 27 Indoraptor. Lots of lvl 27 stegodeus…


I’m almost 3500 trophies. Once I’m about to go over that mark I get hopeless matches, lose 3-4 in a row then I get some poor sap who is grossly under leveled and lay waste to them.


Sounds like fun, can I try?


ive dropped from close to 3800 to low 3500s. my i-rex keeps running into shields and invincible swap ins. also holy cow have i had bad luck from getting not only getting stunned by a 10% move with the game in the line but also getting hit with a critical on the same move. another match i had won but got hit with another critical which killed me. i also havent gotten used to the constant switching that seems to be gaining favor with the players in my range. does it give you a higher crit rate if you switch out a lot? it seems like it would be a disadvantage to switch every 2 moves or so if your dinos dont have switch in powers


I had a lucky day today. Climbed from 3480ish to my new record 3891. Yesterday it was devastating. I took a fall from 3700 to 3480ish


I’m now between the doors of Ruins. Fighting only to get incubators.
However before I had opportunity to battle against lvl 23 Indoraptor, lvl 18 Monomimus and lvl 25 Stegodeus. I had Monostego, Monomimus, Tryostronix all lvl 16 and Gorgosuchus lvl 19. Monostego killed Indo. Then Gorgo was able to finish Monomimus and opponent bring lvl 25 Stegodeus.
Matches like this should’t happen.


Same… went from 4100 odd to just under 3800… I’m so surprised at the high calibre dinos that I’m facing at the 3800 mark… I thought I had a great team, but I’m struggling against the teams…

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Out of a sudden, so many L20 players on the leaderboard.
Unfamiliar names too. Where have they been all this while? Hybernating?

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i’m under 3500 now. I can’t do this anymore. i-rexes dodging 4 straight moves, critical hits to steal a match against me, getting stunned 7x in a row, my cloaked i-rex being hit 18 of the last 23 times…you name it and its happened to me. this isn’t fun anymore. i just lost 7 in a row with a lot of bullshit mixed in.

also i hate to complain but waiting for my luck to change for sure.


i feel that too. dont worry you are not alone.

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