I lost 4000-600 DNA for my Amargasaurus


I just paid for 4 showcase boxes at 7.40 each and lost my DNA for Amargasaurus . I went to check it to use DNA for my hybrid and it wasn’t there I need this fixed either refund me or please add my DNA for him that I did t know what happened with it. Please help I spent all that money just for that reason to get him past level 15 to make hybrid with extra DNA DinoLord is my account name please get back to me and please fix I don’t wanna have to make a inquiry with apple for refund when this can be fixed through you guys.




Also hey are very mis leading I bought 4 max that was offered and didn’t get DNA for all the showcase Dino’s for that alone I should be refunded it’s very misleading you all should have this is print under the box when you see box before purchase that the DNA is random .

Just a thought . So please get back to me about refund or adding my DNA to account I’ve been working and spending a lot to get my DNA for this hybrid it’s not fair to me you all make a lot of money off us spending for these incubators and to lose DNA or not ect any for the advertised one in the pictures is very misleading.
If I don’t have a solution fixed ASAP I’m gonna have to write apple for refunds. Please help thank you

I never buy any incubator above 7$-8$ I only did for this showcase Dino’s offered that I didn’t get.


You’re not guaranteed to get all of the weekly showcase dinosaurs when you buy one (or four) of the special incubators.

It’s random. You might keep getting the same ones each time.


Hey dinolord, I’m really sorry to hear what happened. It is not guaranteed that you’ll get all the advertised dinosaurs from the Showcase Incubators, but if you received the Amargasaurus DNA’s from these Incubators and it didn’t show up in your collection, our support team would be glad to assist you with this. Email our team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your purchase information and support key.


It is written there how many DNA of which rarity you get guaranteed. So no Epic (Nodopato) guaranteed.

Aren’t worth it in my opinion cause this weeks dinosaurs are pretty common. But I’ve bought all the Rare Raptor Squad Incubators.^^


I know how much DNA I get it said I got the DNA but my DNA didn’t go up is the point!!


Why are other people seeing this anyways my complaint was to devs or whoever runs this crap show


It’s fine I’m not going through this to complain I’ll go to apple store


I know you don’t get every dinosaur I figured that out after the first incubator now if it’s says I get DNA and my DNA doesn’t go on it then obviously there’s a problem


I was saying they are misleading not that I was expecting every dino from event


Should have took screen prints of the DNA that it said I got but I didn’t expect not to get it ??


Just delete this thread I thought it was going direct to a private message but obviously not


It trying to get everyone opinion on what I said I know what’s going on I’m not stupid I know if DNA says 240 DNA then obviously it should be credited to that dino is the point


Why can’t I delete this damn thread and complain properly


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